LYM Pass Massachusetts Democratic Resolution For Impeachment of Cheney and FDR Bankruptcy-Reorganization

19 de may de 2007

[img:align=none;class=pictures;date=2007-09-14;desc="On+May+19%2C+LYM+member+Megan+B.+introduces+resolutions+for+both+the+Impeachment+of+Cheney+and+Bush+and+to+stop+Housing+Crises+at+the+Massachusetts+Democratic+Convention%2C+weeks+after+the+L.A.+LYM+introduces+it.";height=296;layout=standalone;pid=4430;size=preview;source="Jerry+Duran";src="\/files\/pictures\/8c5cf91c3e076152480852f587ae88b9\/preview.jpg";title="Megan+introducing+the+Housing+resolution";width=396](LPAC) - May 19 -- The Democratic Party of Massachusetts, meeting today, voted for impeachment of Bush and Cheney, and for an FDR-style reorganization to address the accelerating housing crisis. Both issues were brought before the convention by elected delegates from the LaRouche Youth Movement (LYM), who gathered enough petition signatures from delegates to bring the resolutions to the floor of the convention.


[img:align=left;class=pictures;date=2007-09-14;layout=standalone;pid=4431;size=article;src="\/files\/pictures\/37a8225c2066d50c27b48d7aa764d1a1\/article.jpg";title="FDR+signing+housing+act"]The first resolution called for an FDR-style bankruptcy reorganization, rather than a bailout of the banks, to address the housing crisis. In speaking for this resolution, Megan Beets identified the crisis as a result of the deregulation policies of the 1970s and '80s, which turned houses from places where families lived, into gambling chips in a speculative market. One delegate spoke against the resolution, saying that bankruptcy reorganization is too drastic. The vote was close, but the LYM resolution passed.



On the second resolution, to back Kucinich's bill for the impeachment of[img:align=right;class=pictures;date=2007-09-14;layout=standalone;pid=4432;size=article;src="\/files\/pictures\/737e76d1183cab3b024975a1df0bb6ce\/article.jpg";title="Matt+O."] Dick Cheney, a substitute resolution was presented, calling for impeachment of both Bush and Cheney. Matthew Ogden spoke for our resolution, saying that Cheney must go first, so he cannot become President; there is already a bill of impeachment on the floor of the House, which should be supported; and Kucinich's bill adds the crucial point that Cheney must be out, so that he cannot organize a war against Iran. Matthew was backed by an Iraq war veteran, but a speaker for impeaching both appealed to the anger in the room, demanding that both Bush and Cheney must be removed. The substitute resolution was voted up overwhelmingly, putting the Massachusetts Democratic Party in favor of impeaching Bush and Cheney.

On being briefed on this, Lyndon LaRouche had some comments. "Rage won," he said, adding that the demand for impeachment will grow. "Supporters of both parties are increasingly enraged. There is a surge for dumping Cheney, which will overwhelm the efforts of moribund Democrats to stop it." Our role is crucial, he added, saying that we must tell people what he did this week in Moscow."There is a pattern of breakdown of governments, throughout the region west of the Urals. Europe and the U.S. are dominated by globalization, centered around the predatory practices of the hedge funds. There is a breakdown, in these countries, of the capabilities of governments to address internal affairs, to act in the interests of their citizens."

This will add to the existing sentiment for impeachment. But there is a real danger, "typified by the early primaries in the U.S., which will, in effect, pre-rig the elections. Under the present leadership in the White House, and in the Democratic Party, the U.S. is heading towards ungovernability. The current crop of candidates will be discredited - this will lead to third parties or independent candidacies, capable of getting 20% of the vote, or more," which he said, will insure that no one will be able to govern the U.S. Therefore, he concluded, what he did in Moscow, and what we did in California (at the Democratic convention) and what we are doing in Massachusetts, to put forward the FDR/LaRouche solutions to this crisis, against Rohatyn, Shultz and the fascist bankers, is what will save humanity.