LaRouche to Dems: Impeach Cheney Now!

23 de may de 2007

LaRouche to Dems: Impeach Cheney Now!

MAY 23, (LPAC)--In one of his most forceful statements to date, Lyndon LaRouche today demanded that the Democratic Party leadership in the U.S. Congress immediately launch impeachment proceedings against Vice President Dick Cheney. LaRouche was responding to the latest capitulation by Congressional Democrats on the issue of the timetable for a troop withdrawal from Iraq.

LaRouche cited the recent state Democratic Party conventions in California and Massachusetts, where strongly worded impeachment resolutions were passed, in stark contrast to Congressional Democratic leadership insistence that "impeachment of Cheney is off the table." "The Democratic leadership has lost the confidence of their own core political base," LaRouche declared, "and they are unwilling to take the only steps that would regain it. You cannot mobilize public opinion," LaRouche continued, "without mobilizing the base of the Democratic Party. And the Congressional leadership has been running away from that base since the beginning of 2006, when they capitulated on the issue of the confirmation of Samuel Alito to the U.S. Supreme Court and then totally caved in to the hedge funds, to Felix Rohatyn and his friends, and allowed the looting and destruction of the entire U.S. automobile manufacturing sector without lifting a finger."

LaRouche underscored that the only way to get the American troops out of Iraq is by the impeachment of Cheney. "This is the key domestic issue," LaRouche said. "All U.S. politics at this moment centers on the ouster of Cheney," warning, furthermore, that "The Democratic Party is finished for the time being if they don't go for Cheney's impeachment--now." It is time for the Democratic Party leadership to stop this practice of running way from its own base of political support from within the Party itself.

The Party base wants Cheney impeached. The base is right, and the leadership is wrong. Rally the base, by going hard against Cheney, and the Republicans will have no fair choice but to support a veto-proof vote against Cheney's new wars.