Biden and Obama to LYM on Impeachment of Cheney: Biden Yes, Obama No

4 de junio de 2007



June, 2007 (LPAC) -- Seven members of the LaRouche Youth Movement (LYM) in Boston attended the New Hampshire State Democratic Convention in Concord on Saturday, and a like number joined Barack Obama at a Friday event in Seattle, eliciting opposite responses on the central issue of the impeachment of Dick Cheney. In New Hampshire's convention last year, the Democratic Party passed a resolution to impeach George W. Bush. The LYM's interventions reminded the New Hampshire Democrats (about 400 delegates) that the impeachment of "Dick Cheney first" is the key issue which should determine whether or not any of the presidential candidates are qualified to lead.

Forcing the Democratic candidates to step out of their staterooms on the sinking Titanic, this year the LYM is subpoenaing the Democratic Party to the Court of History, being tried for contempt, if they do not adopt LaRouche's Rules for Survival. Indicative of the LYM's constant intervention, Senator Biden changed the tune he has been whistling on the issue of impeachment, saying to a LaRouche Youth Movement member, "I was the one who had put impeachment on the table - and you should keep up on your politics."

Meanwhile, at a rally in Seattle on June 1, Senator Obama ignored impeachment calls that the LYM had catalyzed from the floor of the auditorium during his speech. He was busy telling people about the lunacy of the Iraq War and the current Administration, and his courageous stand to end it all . in 2009! At a fundraiser later that day, a LYM organizer challenged him directly on the impeachment of Cheney, to which Obama responded, "I'm not going to impeach this administration. The way we are going to get them out is by voting them out." Thus, Obama has joined Al Gore in defending Cheney's continuing crimes ()