After the G-8 Farce, Russia will Host a Huge Infrastructure Summit

8 de junio de 2007

June 7, 2007 (LPAC)– Immediately following the Heiligendamm G-8 summit, Russia will host an international economic conference in St. Petersburg, on June 8-10. That event will have joint projects of infrastructural and industrial development prominently on the agenda.

About 3,000 guests will attend from industry, technology, science and politics, mostly from the area of the former Soviet Union, but also from Asia, Ibero-America and Africa. Economic deals in the range of several billion dollars have already been pre-announced for signing at the event.

Russia will focus very much on the energy aspect of discussions, at this "counter-summit," and it will present options for securing energy supplies for mankind through nuclear power, especially, as Russian news wires have indicated, in previews of the event.