Lobbying For Maglev Projects in Scotland Intensifies

8 de junio de 2007

April 30, 2007 (LPAC)--As the Glasgow Herald and other Scottish and British news dailies reported yesterday and today, James Ramsbotham, CEO of the North East Chamber of Commerce of the United Kingdom, just returning from a ride on the maglev in Shanghai, China, said on April 28: "We are a 21st century economy mired in 20th century transport links, which increasingly cause us problems around the major conurbations. Maglev would revolutionize travel in this region and would make the North East a much more cohesive place in which to live. The economic benefits of such a link would be incredible. And if it were rolled out across the UK, it would shred existing journey times to the major cities."

The economic benefit was also prominently addressed by Scottish Labour Party leader Tom McCabe, who said on April 28 that whereas the cost of a maglev connection between Scotland's two biggest cities Edinburgh and Glasgow was 200 million pound sterling per year, maximally, the benefit of having the combined workforce of both cities coming together by maglev would be in the range of 500.