"A Tunnel to Peace?" Russians to Present Bering Strait Tunnel Project to G8 This Week

8 de junio de 2007

June 4, 2007 (LPAC)--"It would be the next big project to bring the world together," says a retired Alaska newspaper publisher, reporting new details of how the Russians and some Americans, will be presenting the [a:href="pages\/developing_stories\/physical_economy.shtml#ber"]Bering Strait Tunnel proposal[/a] to the G8 summit in Heiligdamm, Germany, this week.

In an op-ed entitled "A tunnel to peace? Bering Strait tunnel advocates to make pitch at G8 summit," published in the June 3 Juneau Empire, the former publisher of the Ketchikan Daily News, Lew Williams Jr., says that tunnel supporters will be asking the G8 for $120 million to sponsor a feasibility study of the "World Link, a tunnel and rail lines that help unite four of the world's six continents."

Williams writes that representatives of Russia's Council for the Study of Productive Forces have been assigned to American's Interhemispheric Bering Strait Tunnel & Rail Group (IBSTRG), which will become an international nonprofit corporation under Alaska law. "The Russian group brings to IBSTRG the energy of a strong successful organization," Williams writes. "The Council for the Study of Productive Forces is credited with creating the 5,500-mile Trans-Siberian Railway 100 years ago."

As [a:href="pages\/breaking_news\/2007\/04\/24\/moscow.shtml"]LPAC has reported[/a], the Council for the Study of Productive Forces (SOPS) is part of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and was a prime sponsor of the April 24 "Megaprojects of Russia's East" conference on building the Bering Strait tunnel.

Williams notes that promoters of the the tunnel project, which is estimated to cost $65 billion, says it could repay its construction cost in 15 years.