Venezuelan National Assembly Shows Mag Lev Project in its Halls

8 de junio de 2007

APRIL 27, 2007 (LPAC) --Gen. Raúl Baduel, Venezuela's Minister of Defense, presented the Project for an Electromagnetic Train linking the nation's capital, Caracas, with the La Guaira port, before the National Assembly Committee on Science, Technology and Means of Communication. Along with Gen. Baduel, engineer Alberto Serra Valls, the head of the project, showed the scale model of the mag-lev train and its various uses for transport of people or cargo.

Congressman Manuel Villalba, head of the Committee, hinted that the project could be extended to the Andean a region of Venezuela, which is a broken topographical area for which this technology is best suited, and said that "this is a project that can be the solution to the problem of massive transport in Venezuela".

The congressional committee will make a follow up of the project and will work with the Defense Ministry on designing the necessary funding. Gen. Baduel announced the formation of a Multi-Disciplinary Committee to that end. The official TV channel refered to the project as a "technology on the service of humanity," and underscored Baduel's remarks on the environment friendly kind of technology that magnetic levitation represents.

The scale model will remain in the halls of the National Assembly to be displayed for the general public. This can be seen in a Spanish video, taken from Venezuelan TV ([a:href="http:\/\/\/watch?v=0WevUUfREQY";target=_blank]click here)[/a].