OECD To Pressure British Government on the BAE Scandal

25 de junio de 2007

June 21 (LPAC)--According to an article in the Guardian June 21, The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) will press the British government at a meeting in Paris today, to explain why they concealed the existence of payments to Saudi Prince Bandar by the British firm BAE.

The OECD is conducting an inquiry to establish how far Britain has complied with the international anti-bribery treaty it has signed, particularly over the decision to end the UK Serious Fraud Office investigation into BAE. That investigation was abruptly shut down on ``national security'' grounds by Attorney General Lord Goldsmith on Dec. 15, 2006.

The issue of the concealment of BAE payments to Bandar of $2 billion in ``commissions,'' could be raised during the closed-door OECD session. Reports of BAE bribes in European and African countries, to dominate weapons trade and the control of armies, are still under investigation.

In the United States, the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) did not deny or confirm to the Guardian that it is investigating BAE's projected takeover of Armor Holdings, the producer of armor for Humvees for the U.S. Armed Forces.