Impeach Cheney to Restore the Constitution

1 de julio de 2007

July 1, 2007 (LPAC)-- In an op-ed in the July 1 Des Moines Register , entitled, "Restore Constitution as Law of the Land-- Impeach Cheney," former Register reporter Richard Doak zeroes in on Cheney's "unitary executive" theory, and states that the most important means to restore the Constitution is Cheney's immediate removal--the nation can't wait until 2009. The Register represents the central states of the United States and is a key voice in the primaries.

In response to the question, why impeach Cheney, and not Bush, Doak says: "Cheney has been deeply involved in, if not the architect of, most of the possibly impeachable activities of the administration, and he is the chief advocate of the theory of the 'unitary executive' that purports to justify unlimited presidential power. An impeachment of Cheney would, in effect, be a repudiation of Bush's overreaching power claims."

If Cheney is not removed, "Consider what... will become precedent if Cheney's version of the 'unitary executive' is allowed to stand unchallenged:


"Torture under the euphemism of enhanced interrogation...

"Any resident will be allowed to pick and choose what laws to obey and which to ignore."

"Impeachment is allowed under the Constitution for 'high crimes and misdemeanors.' High crimes, by definition, are crimes against the state. Outside of treason, in America there can be no higher crime than flouting the Constitution.

Doak then addresses Republicans, in particular: "One more thing: His fellow Republicans should take the lead in impeaching Cheney. It would be a way to redeem themselves.

"It is to the everlasting shame of the Republican Party that its members in Congress became the president's and vice president's enablers. They looked the other way at possible violations of law and the Constitution. They meekly surrendered legislative prerogatives and blocked investigations. They tried to legalize illegal acts ex post facto and immunize executive-branch officers from any liability for wrongdoing.

"They put party loyalty above their oaths to defend and protect the Constitution.

"In renouncing the unitary executive theory of Dick Cheney, the Republicans could help restore the Constitution to its proper balance and reclaim their own party's soul."