EIR asks White House: Will the BAE Scandal Stop the U.S./British Arms Treaty?

6 de julio de 2007

June 26, 2007 (LPAC) -- EIR White House correspondent Bill Jones today asked a very defensive White House spokesman Tony Snow to respond to this morning's public admission by BAE that they are under investigation by the DOJ. Jones also asked, indirectly, about the Washington Post four part expose of Cheney's control over policy at the White House:

JONES: Tony, BAE Systems announced today that it was under investigation by the Department of Justice. Doesn't this make the decision made by the President last week regarding the carte blanche to the British military production industry something of a dubious endeavor? And shouldn't it be reevaluated in terms of possible corruption in BAE Systems?

SNOW: Well, number one, you're talking about an ongoing investigation, which means we are not at liberty to talk about it. And you can draw what conclusions...

JONES: Did the vice president sign off on the decision made by the president last week with regard to...

SNOW: As you know -- look, the president makes the decisions in the White House. The vice president is an adviser. We also make it a careful point, as we've said many times, to allow those deliberations to remain confidential.