LaRouche's BAE Story Detailed on Ecuadorian National Radio

6 de julio de 2007

June 19, 2007 (LPAC)--EIR's Dennis Small was interviewed on Ecuadorian National Radio A.M. 530 this morning for 20 minutes. Host Patricio Pillajo opened with a question about the June 14 LaRouche webcast with Ibero-American labor leaders, and closed asking about the upcoming June 21 D.C. webcast. In between, there was a discussion of the real BAE scandal; the role of economic hit-men and vulture funds in destroying small nations like Ecuador; LaRouche's support for the Bank of the South initiative, in which Ecuador is an active proponent; the significance of his recent visits to Russia and Italy; and LaRouche's global alternative to British system fascism, revolving around a four-powers alliance for development, in the tradition of FDR.

Pillajo's questions probed the issue of the nature and strength of the opposition inside the United States to the Bush-Cheney policy of provoking a war with Iran, and Wall Street's hostility to the Bank of the South.