LaRouche: "Congress is Either Gutless, Stupid or Both"

9 de septiembre de 2007

September 9, 2007 (LPAC) -- With the greatest financial crash since the 14th Century collapse of the Bardi and Peruzzi now upon us, Lyndon LaRouche stated that the fact that all of the U.S. media on Sunday failed to even mention the financial collapse and instead focused almost exclusively on General Petraeus's upcoming testimony on Iraq "is crap and has no relation to reality. The reality is that the whole system is coming down and the policy in Iraq is worst than a failure. The Congress is either gutless or stupid or both. The only alternative is that they are insane. Since the money is no longer there to steal, they may have been driven insane. We can't make steel anymore, so now the new industry is to steal. 

But with the collapse, even stealing is becoming more difficult." Perhaps the only honesty in the U.S. press monitored this weekend is the cartoon "Opus," which has idiot George W. dancing around the room singing "Petraeus" to the tune of West Side Story's "Maria." But not a single Sunday talking-heads program, nor a leading newspaper, has anything to say about the banking crisis, nor the collapse of the sub-prime bubble. For the week ahead, neither the Congress nor the think tanks of DC have scheduled a single event on the financial disaster we face.

Is there any other evidence required to prove that we must use the regions to break open the blockheads in Washington?