British Declared Space Virgin Territory

12 de octubre de 2007

In the 1960s a decision was made to ban British subjects from participating in manned space travel. The British elite thought the cost of space travel, too costly. What good would it be for the British Empire? Not only was money a valid consideration for the British imperial interests, but also the cultural effects that might take place, because of it. The creative development of the subjects of the Empire would most likely lead to revolt and the subsequent end of the Cartesian thinking that has plagued Europe for many centuries. How would the Empire stay intact?

Recently, after a many decades ban, the policy of manned British flight has changed, not for British subjects, but for the larger financial elite, who will soon be able to take their private $200,000 Virgin trip outside the Earths atmosphere, for a total of four minutes. Why should the ban of manned flight still exist for the common British subject, while privatized space travel is allowed? Well, the key to the British Empire is not science, but free trade.

If you watch the Chinese film ‘Opium Wars’, a very important scene occurs with the Queen of England, in which a controversy occurs over the destruction, by the Chinese, of a British merchant’s opium. The Queen says, that we should go to war against China, not because they destroyed our ‘goods’, but because the threat of revolt against free trade from other countries will occur. Free trade has been the pride of the British Empire for centuries, and still is today; therefore allowing private merchant control of outer space is necessary for the British Empire and not the British subject.

In order for the free trade policies to exist in outer space, several objectives had to be tackled. First, was the optimistic policies of cooperation between nations, like the US and Russia, to develop the exploration of space. Many programs at NASA were destroyed by the British hand, from the 1960s until today, which ended the US ability to land a man on the moon and also disrupted relations with the Russia. Excuses were the same as the British; ‘the space program is too costly’. While these programs were destroyed, our culture was also destroyed, by scary alien movies, personal ambitions, crazy anti-science bands, and eventually, with the creation of the personal computer, video games. Take the disgusting video game Halo 3, which is an interactive movie about the invasion of Earth by aliens. In one of the trailers for the game, several young kids are contemplating the universe while lying in a field outside, when suddenly BOOM! One of the kids is transported to the future and becomes the main defense against the alien invasion of Earth. The trailer is an explicit destruction of a child’s imagination.

The second objective is to insure that monetary freedom occurs in outer space, without the government regulations that occur on Earth. To do this, the British have created a new currency for space, the Synarchist Quasi Universal Intergalactic Denomination (SQUID), with special material for space travel; slime! This currency will be run by private interests, and will be the basis for conquering the humane economic cooperation that has occurred in the past between the United States and other countries.


Who is the leading private merchant that is leading this objective? Sir Richard Branson. Who is he? He is one of the leading British cultural operatives in the United States and world wide. In the 1970’s Sir Branson founded Virgin Records, a leading record producing company, which helped many of the leading culturally insane become a phenomenon. One good example is their contract with the satanic monster known as the Sex Pistols, which receives great appraisal from the satanic Junk bands of today. Sir Branson later expanded his operation, creating many Virgin companies, involved today in every form of shopping from books to brides and also every form of travel from trains to limousines. Also Virgin companies are involved in health, environmental and social issues; but the most important company is Virgin Galactic, the first commercial space line. Sir Branson has promised that in 2009 hundreds of rich baby boomers will be able to enter what they have always dreamed of; Virgin Territory. Territory to be owned and operated by the British Empires merchant space pirates.

As Sir Branson prepares to claim ownership of space for the British Empire, he has teamed up with Al Gore and a pack of Virgin bands to pay homage to their mother Gaia (the Earth). Al Gore and he have called on the baby boomers to save mother Gaia from the evil sun, which has sought to burn it up. They tell the boomers that they will have to sacrifice the lives of the poor and go back to a world government policy to prevent people from releasing their gases into the atmosphere. Space travel is fun, but we need to protect mother Gaia first. As the baby boomers pray to mother Gaia, Sir Richard Branson and Al Gore laugh, ‘You silly bio-fools, don’t you know that the British Empire will rule forever, hahahaha. Forget about your bloody nations, we run the Earth and the Space around it. Hahahaha.’