"Most Violent Video Game Ever"

1 de noviembre de 2007

October 31, 2007 (LPAC)--The release this week of the video game Manhunt 2, published by Rockstar London, was prominently reviewed on CBS Evening News last night with other accompanying major publicity, is an escalation to create a mass-based fascist movement as Lyndon LaRouche has warned. Manhunt 2 has the player assume the role of a mad rapist and killer.

[img:align=left;class=pictures;date=2007-11-01;desc="Is+that+Beast-Man+Dick+Cheney%2C+or+his+wife%2C+Lynne%3F";height=187;layout=figured;pid=4551;size=article;src="\/files\/pictures\/83ccb7c2faa6854a953d2d29ab3f0b80\/article.jpg";width=250]Just like the inhabitants of My Space and Facebook, the player becomes a prisoner in an insane ward. Only in this version of imprisonment, the game character purportedly escapes captivity, while ironically, the player doesn't escape until he or she decides not to play the game and instead rejoins the human race. Yesterday, on CBS Evening News, anchor Katie Couric did some role playing of her own. She played a turned-off reporter, who advertised that this was "the most violent game ever," but when questioned whether such video games can truly make the player violent, Katie just couldn't see how recreations of sneaking up behind a person and hooking their guts out, or suffocating a police officer with a plastic bag and then sticking his head into an electrical socket, could induce real violence.

Manhunt 2 is not a point and shoot video game played with a typical controller. According to the CBS reporter, the game console, Nintendo's Wii, "has motion-sensing controls, and therefore to stab you're going to mimic a stabbing motion, to swing a sledgehammer or a shovel you would do the same." CBS interviewed a few 20-year-old gamers who were taken aback by the level of the game's violence. "This definitely takes the cake as probably the most violent thing I've played" said one player. Thus, CBS is guaranteeing this game to be played by every 18 year old's little brother.

Although Manhunt 2 is published out of London, it is banned from being sold in England and Ireland on account of it's violent nature. Meanwhile, many critics of the game, such Jeff Haynes of IGN, a blatant recruiting ground for British subject Rupert Murdoch's fascist youth movement, have given the game lowered ratings, complaining that it is, "somewhat disappointing to see the kills as censored as they are in this game... When you have a character that walks around with a pig's head on and his genitals hanging out on top of the bloody or violent kills, you've got something that is literally ground breaking."