Murdoch-Gates' New Marketing Plan to Further Abolish Creativity

8 de noviembre de 2007

November 8, 2007 (LPAC)--"Big Brothers" Bill Gates and Rupert Murdoch are distributing the individual profiles of millions of members of the websites they control, Facebook and MySpace. Yesterday, Mark Zuckerburg, the 23-year-old CEO of Facebook, announced at a New York press conference that he is launching "targeted advertising initiatives with Blockbuster, CBS, Sony Pictures, Coca-Cola, Fandango, eBay, Verizon and others." Those users will now "share information."

This is how it works: For example, let's say you rent the video game "Halo 3" at Blockbuster. Blockbuster will immediately send out a message to your entire Facebook "family" reporting that you just rented "Halo 3"--now they can rent a copy too. Zuckerberg also announced that Facebook has reached 50 million users. Last week Microsoft invested $240 million in Facebook, valuing the company at $15 billion.

On Monday, Murdoch's mental grave site, Facebook's so-called rival Myspace, announced a new service of its own called (sic) "SelfServe" which, according to the "Hollywood Reporter, "is designed for small businesses, [rock] bands and politicians to purchase ads for MySpace users, based on [mined] demographics and interests." Other services will allow marketers to buy ads "targeted to specific interest-based segments" of MySpace users.