15,000 Zombie-Like Gamers Stage a Nuremberg Rally in Sweden

3 de diciembre de 2007


December 3, 2007 (LPAC)--Over the weekend of December 1-2,
"Dreamhack," one of the world's biggest computer game marathons, took place in Jonkoeping, Sweden. Approximately 15,000 computer addicts gathered at 10,000 desktops, to play Counter Strike, and other violent videogames, over and over -- no doubt to build their point scores for killing over and over. Not coincidentally, the Swedish military maintained an information booth at the killer game marathon location, supposedly only because there are so many people of military recruitment age who happen to have computer expertise.

In Germany, the Association of Psychotherapists, the GwG, which issued a strong statement on November 29th calling for a ban on computer killer games, and criminal prosecution of anyone who produces or sells them, reported massive harassment by online forums, and from the website of the Germany's Der Spiegel, which published similar attacks.

LaRouche has stated: that banning video games is a minute step, the real issue is to go after the Fascist video game conglomerates, like Microsoft, who are consciously engineering the inducement of suicide killers in the U.S. and Europe.