'Is the Devil in Your Laptop?'--The Pamphlet That Will Wake You Up In the Morning!

6 de diciembre de 2007

'¿Tienes al diablo en tu computadora?", el folleto que te hará despertar por la mañana!

December 6, 2007 (LPAC)--The LaRouche Youth Movement (LYM) mobilization to completely saturate the population with "Is The Devil in Your Laptop", LPAC's latest pamphlet, is fully underway, and generating extraordinary results from campuses in particular. This pamphlet is aimed at putting an end to MySpace, Facebook, and videogames which have, together, detached youth en-masse from any kind of moral or historical reality. As evidenced by the unprecedented number of suicidal mass killings by youth in recent years, video games and profiling social networks, are top down intelligence operations against the successful future of the United States; they are powerful tools in the creation of a fascist movement of young suicide terrorists in the West.

By Wednesday, the LYM has already deployed between 30,000 to 35,000 pamphlets nationwide (and surely hundreds of bundles more since). Across the country, organizers are reporting a completely polarized response on and around campuses--where the LYM is not only drawing out the defensive cyber-geeks and gamers, but also those youth who have been really creeped out by MySpace and Facebook, and are excited to receive more ammo in the fight to free their captured friends.

Not only are students numerously seen cracking their pamphlets open and reading them as they walk to class, but they have even been heard, reading it aloud to their friends over lunch! The Facebook, MySpace and Wikipedia articles are getting the most extreme reactions. For instance, one student in Seattle, lied to get more material; he made up a fake poli-sci class and professor and requested 270 pamphlets for use of "his class" to study.