LaRouche: 'Only We Can Win - They Can Only Bring Down the Human Race'

18 de diciembre de 2007

[a:href="\/news\/2007\/12\/19\/larouche-s-lo-nosotros-podemos-ganar-ellos-s-lo-pueden-hundi.html"]LaRouche: "Sólo nosotros podemos ganar; ellos sólo pueden hundir a la raza humana"[/a]

December 18, 2007 (LPAC) - Lyndon LaRouche, who announced back in July that the monetary-financial system had collapsed, responded today to the one-half trillion dollar dumping of helicopter money into the world banking system by the European Central Bank, that this was a "sign of the times - pure madness. The institutions are bankrupt, holding worthless junk, and they are pumping more worthless junk into the system. They can't win - only we can win, by cleaning out the junk, with my proposals. We may go down with them, if they sink the human race, but they can't win. We must ask people - are you crazy enough to go along with this crap?"

LaRouche said that you hear people babbling about whether the financial system will "recover," when in fact it exploded in July, and what we are seeing now is just the repercussions of that explosion, with an accelerating rate of crumbling of the economic system, dragged down by the collapse of the monetary-financial system. They may pass these plans, but the crap will still be inside, they can't get rid of it.