UPDATE: The Thug Life of Wikipediphilia

23 de diciembre de 2007

UPDATE TO: The Thug Life: [a:href="\/news\/2007\/12\/21\/thug-life-job-wikimedia-foundation.html-0"]On the Job at Wikimedia Foundation[/a]

December 23, 2007 (LPAC)--Newswires throughout the internets have been exposing more about the secret life of pimp Jimmy Wales' woman of the year, Carolyn Bothwell Doran, who is the daughter of CIA spook James Bothwell and is known to have an extensive criminal record. The wires tell of her late husband, a former CIA spook and U.S. Air Force Major, who conveniently drowned on their honeymoon off the coast of the British Cayman Islands. But, her late husband, wasn't the only man that was hurt while under her womb, according to Brian Bergstein of Associated Press; in 1989 she shot her boyfriend, the father of her son.

Yet, not only were her men affected, but according to Bergstein, "Bothwell also popped up in 1995, when a former roommate was accused of poisoning a man for insurance money. Bothwell worked with investigators to secretly record incriminating conversations with the ex-roommate. Defense attorneys countered that she helped authorities so she could win leniency in a pending credit-card forgery case."

Such wonderful women are typical of Pimp Jimmy Wales' pedigree, who, before starting Wikipediphilia, created the online porn shop Bomis, which he still keeps tabs on today. At LaRouchePAC, we are wondering what other facts will be revealed in due time about this promiscuous Encyclopedia?