LaRouche: ‘The Presidential Campaign is Presently a Piece of Folly’

4 de enero de 2008

January 4, 2008 (LPAC) - After being briefed on the results of the Iowa Presidential caucuses on Thursday, Lyndon LaRouche commented that the world is going through the greatest financial collapse in history, and in the U.S., all the presidential candidates are running for the president of the Isle of Laputa. As it is presently being conducted, the campaign is a piece of folly. All of the candidates are acting as if the greatest financial collapse in history does not exist. For that reason, they are all behaving as idiots. Here we are in the middle of the presidential election and none of the candidates is paying any attention to the hard core of preventing the onrushing collapse. Up to this point, there is no sign of a Franklin D. Roosevelt in the pack. Instead we have a catastrophe, a tragedy.

Otherwise, LaRouche was not surprised by the demise of Giuliani in Iowa, which he has long forecasted. In response to the report that Giuliani bombed, LaRouche said he "usually does. He is a made man." It was LaRouche who issued the first warning that Giuliani was being set up to clear the way for a Bloomberg independent fascist candidacy. LaRouche said it was going to happen, and now it is happening. He insisted that those who said it wasn't true, should be asked if they are now going to apologize. This kind of language has to be used. "If they don't scream, you haven't done anything," he said.