The Human Mind Is Not Digital

21 de enero de 2008

This is an excerpt from Lyndon LaRouche's January 17, 2007 International Webcast. 

Let's take computer games. Killer computer games. What's the difference between a man and a monkey? And how does this apply to understanding computer games? Because computer games are designed on the basis of two things: First of all, they were designed to kill; they were designed to train a mass of the population, and retrain soldiers, as killers, who would shoot more often and at more people. And it worked! In order to train soldiers to kill more profusely, they invented games; they went to the computer industry to produce games, which are point-and-shoot training games. Then, late in the 1990s, when the subsidies to the computer industry were collapsing, under the previous arrangement, then, the computer industry, which otherwise would have gotten suddenly poor, went into mass production of the computer killer-game industry.

They produced this killer wave: We are on the verge of having suicide-prone mass-killers, just like you talk about in the Middle East, inside the United States. These mass-killers will be from our own youth, and they will be from youth who have been indoctrinated in playing computer games. And those who produce these games, are fully aware of this. And our study of case-histories shows that the secret of these games is, the children don't play the games. The games play the children.

One of my experiences earlier in life—oh, a quarter-century ago, or more; back in the 1960s, actually—was, I had been an old chess player. And I got away from it, because I got bored with the game, couldn't stand it any more. I went to all the games. I didn't win tournaments, but I was a blindfold chess player, simultaneous blindfold chess, all these kinds of tricks which I was good at, when I was younger and quicker. But then I said, "I gotta change." So, I looked at the game of "Go." And after a little too much playing the game of Go, I realized what it does to your mind—and I said, "never again!"

Now, the game of Go does not have a bad intention as such. It has a negative effect on the mind. But it does not have a bad intention. Killer games have a bad intention. And the intention which is built into the design of the games, is that you think that the person is playing the game on the Internet? Uh-uh! The game is playing him! And the firm that runs the game, and monitors it, is playing him! Or her.

So the point is, first of all, it has all the defects of Go, with all the necessary moral failures added. Kill! Kill! Game ends! Game ends! Game ends! Die!

When does the game end? When the law enforcement agency or other official comes on the scene—and you stop killing the people, and kill yourself. That's exactly what happened in Virginia, exactly that.

And all the time this is happening, the companies that run the games on the Internet, are monitoring the games. They're coaching the games. Controlling and manipulating the minds of the players!

You have also a similar effect on MySpace, another mass-brainwashing operation produced by the digital industry. Facebook, another one, and so on and so forth. We're seeing the development of mass terrorism potential, inside the United States, based on these games! And the effect in the United States will be comparable to what we have in Southwest Asia, as so-called terrorism. But coming from inside the United States, generated, and monitored, and controlled by computer companies that manage these games, while the poor suckers who are playing them are being managed.

We allow it.

The other aspect of this thing, which is what I refer to in this case, is that the human mind is not digital. There is no digital mathematics that can represent the processes of the human mind, as distinct from those of a monkey. The human mind is creative by virtue of functions we associate only with analog devices. Creativity, as expressed by a human mind, corresponds generally to an analog function. We've done some work on that.

In the case of economics—coming back to that: in economy today, what is taught as economics, is Cartesian kinematics, a projection, a statistical projection. There are virtually no competent economists engaged in long-term forecasting—none! But many incompetent ones! And every one is wrong. Because it does not correspond to human behavior.

Human behavior is creative. Look at yourself. Now stand next to a picture of a gorilla or a chimpanzee. Or a baboon if you prefer. And say, "what's the difference between me, and a baboon, and a gorilla, or a chimpanzee? What do I do? I can think."

"Well, prove that."

Well, what is the population-density of baboons, chimpanzees, and gorillas. How many millions per square kilometer can you have, of chimpanzees, baboons, and gorillas? Now, what is the rate of growth of world population, per capita and per square kilometer of the human species? What's the difference? The difference is discoveries, which take two forms: of scientific principle, physical scientific principles, and Classical artistic principles. And these things enable human beings to increase the potential of the human species, as no other living creature can do.

This power comes as a result of what we call creativity, which does not exist in any digital system. But the only way you can represent it, mathematically, is by analog systems. That does not cause it, but it's capable of reflecting that.

So the point today, is people are living in a digital society, whose deleterious effects are enhanced, increased, by the role of these games, and similar kinds of entertainment. Look at the attention span of a young kid, 16-to-25 years of age! What is the typical attention span? What is it, 30 seconds? 15 seconds? Strictly as a result of MySpace. Take a MySpace addict, a typical MySpace addict: What is the length of their concentration span, measurable? What is the length of concentration span of a game player, on a killer game? These guys are babblers! They have no concentration span, whatsoever.

So we're destroying a section of a population, by destroying their minds, destroying their mental capacities, and turning them potentially into mass killers. And this is what our policy is.

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