LaRouche: 'Hillary Clinton is the Only Obstacle to Bloomberg's Fascist Dictatorship'

5 de febrero de 2008

LaRouche: "Hillary Clinton es el único obstáculo a una dictadura fascista de Bloomberg"

British Press Confirms Obama is Finished

February 05, 2008 (LPAC)--Even before the results of Super-Tuesday were in, the British press signaled on Tuesday that Lyndon LaRouche was absolutely correct, in announcing that the plug would be pulled on Barak Obama's Presidential campaign, around his ties to organized crime slumlord and political fixer Tony Rezko. Like clockwork, several major British dailies used the occasion of Super-Tuesday, Feb. 5, to highlight the Obama-Rezko scandal, through major news stories with glaring headlines like: “The Chicago Street Where a Dangerous Secret from Barak Obama's Past Lurks” (The Independent), “Obama-Rezko Link May Be Scrutinized by Republicans” (Guardian), and “Shady Donor Threatens Obama's Dream” (New Zealand Herald).

Now, Hillary Clinton stands as the only remaining obstacle to a fascist dictatorship over America, under George Shultz and Felix Rohatyn's chosen corporativist, New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg. Look at the alternatives. Obama is finished, as the British headlines make clear--brought down by typical scandal. John McCain is a sick old man, whose failing health is obvious to anyone who has followed him on the campaign trail over the past several weeks. He seems to be getting around on steroids or something similar, and he just won't make it to November. Indeed, some of Bloomberg's leading boosters, including his overly Nazi “soulmate,” California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Sen. Joe Lieberman, are merely backing McCain, as a temporary action, pending McCain's physical demise and Bloomberg's fascist campaign launch.

And some of Barak Obama's ostensible leading “backers,” led by Sen. Ted Kennedy and Caroline Kennedy, are actually dyed-in-the-wool Bloomberg boosters. Obama's mission was to take down Hillary Clinton, and then crash land over the Rezko scandal--further paving the way for the Bloomberg fascist option. Just look at Bloomberg's top foreign policy and national security tutor, Nancy Soderberg. She is a longtime top Ted Kennedy aide, whose loyalty to that faction of the Kennedy machine is beyond question. After all, the Kennedy family cartel has been run, financially, for decades by the Lazard Brothers of Felix Rohatyn. And the Bloomberg Mayoralty over New York City has been run by Felix Rohatyn, as an even more vicious Schachtian austerity regime, modeled on Rohatyn's “Big Mac.”

So it comes down to this: Hillary Clinton is the only serious obstacle, among all of the Presidential candidates, to the Bloomberg fascist scheme. In an election against Bloomberg, Lyndon LaRouche observed on Feb. 5, Hillary Clinton would “eat him for lunch.”

This however, LaRouche warned, means that Hillary Clinton is very much a target for the fascist crowd, led by Rohatyn and Shultz, and their City of London patrons. They will stop at nothing to take her out of the Presidential equation for 2008. If Hillary Clinton is eliminated, as Shultz, Rohatyn and company intend, then the United States is virtually finished, and the onrushing financial crash will lead the entire planet into a prolonged, genocidal Dark Age. The financial crash, this year, is unavoidable. The only question is whether the collapse will be managed, through the kind of bankruptcy reorganization that has only been presented by Lyndon LaRouche; or whether it will be an out of control collapse of civilization.

Hillary Clinton is under attack by the enemies of humanity, LaRouche elaborated. Just look at Rohatyn and Shultz, the two architects of the Pinochet coup in Chile, that unleashed “Operation Condor,” a literal Nazi-linked death squad operation, that butchered countless victims in South America and Europe.

LaRouche cited the recent Los Angeles press conference by Schwarzenegger, Bloomberg, Gov. Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania, and the head of the Rockefeller Foundation, Judith Rodin, which unveiled a pure corporatist scheme to loot what remains of America's infrastructure, through various private-public takeover schemes. This, LaRouche warned, is identical to the programs ushered in by Benito Mussolini and Adolph Hitler, during their early years in power. “No difference, whatsoever.”

Regardless of the outcome of Super-Tuesday, LaRouche warned in conclusion, there can be no ignoring the reality of the 2008 Presidential election. A London-backed corporatist/fascist faction is absolutely committed to installing Michael Bloomberg as the next President, in a replay of Mussolini and Hitler. Hillary Clinton, alone, among the Presidential candidates still in contention, can stop the Rohatyn-Shultz Schwarzenegger-Bloomberg scheme. And that is a most dangerous situation for the American people, and for the world as a whole.

LaRouche emphasized that he is speaking in these blunt terms, because it is vital that the vast majority of eligible American voters, who are in the lower 80 percent income bracket, must face this reality, and act appropriately--as if their very survival depended on it. Because, it does.

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