LaRouche: Putting Bloomberg in the Presidency Is Not Like Perot's Spoiler Run

7 de febrero de 2008

February 7, 2008 (LPAC)--American statesman Lyndon LaRouche, the leader of the American opposition to the installation of fascist Michael Bloomberg in the Presidency, said today that the fascists are playing for keeps with the Bloomberg option, irrespective of the spin about Bloomberg's efforts to negotiate a ballot access strategy in various states.

Briefed on LaRouche PAC's conversation with a ballot-access expert today, who pointed to the Ross Perot 1992 Reform Party campaign model of petitioning to put that new party on the ballot in individual states, and then giving its nomination to Ross Perot, LaRouche said he disagreed with the idea of that model being used for to put Bloomberg on the Presidential ballot in 2008.

First, LaRouche said, "They don't want to go the Perot way. That was different. Perot was simply an intended spoiler against George H.W. Bush. And that's what he accomplished. He hasn't been heard from for a while, and is still being punished for it."

But, LaRouche said, "The Bloomberg drive is a different matter. This is strategic. If they want a Mussolini in power, they're moving to put him in power. If they succeed in eliminating Hillary Clinton's campaign, then there are two routes open. The first is the McCain-Bloomberg option, with the potential that McCain's age and "difficulties" lead to Bloomberg taking over. The second is a straight, Mussolini grab for the Presidency. Either way, this is for keeps."