Happy Birthday Lincoln!

12 de febrero de 2008

February 12, 2008 (LPAC)-- In celebration of the 199 birthday of President Abraham Lincoln LPAC is launching its eighth installment of the American Patriot! If you have not read the the previous installments you can [a:href="\/packages\/2007\/10\/18\/image-american-patriot.html"]click here[/a], but it is suggested by the author, Anton Chaitkin, of the latest paper, "Lincoln's American System vs. British-Backed Slavery," due to the current policy of the British imperialists who are moving to impose a "Benito" Bloomberg Presidency on the United States, that you read this new installment of the American Patriot series.

To receive a PDF version of the "Lincoln's American System vs. British-Backed Slavery," [a:href="http:\/\/larouchepub.com\/eiw\/public\/2008\/2008_1-9\/2008-7\/pdf\/42-55_3507.pdf"]click here[/a].