LaRouche: Is the New York Times an Obama PAC?

16 de febrero de 2008

February 16, 2008 (LPAC)--The New York Times lied again today about Rep. John Lewis' (D-Georgia) endorsement of Sen. Hillary Clinton. In its Saturday edition, the Times again lies that ``Senator Barack Obama ... is now supported by Representative John Lewis ... a super-delegate.'' This statement, in a caption beneath a large photo of Obama, came out even after Representative Lewis told the TV station 11Alive, in Atlanta, that he did not switch his support from Clinton to Obama.

The following is an actual transcript of the February 15th report from Atlanta of new anchor Denis O'Hayer on 11 Alive News, WXIA-TV, Atlanta. O'Hayer says: Rep. John Lewis of Georgia, who wrote a major op-ed to announce his support for Hillary Clinton, told "11 Alive's Karyn Greer that he never said he's changing his vote, that he has spoken to both camps, and that he has until the convention in August to decide, like all superdelegates.''

Lyndon LaRouche asked regarding the New York Time's lie, ``Is the New York Times an Obama PAC?''