LaRouche: 'Felix Rohatyn a Traitor to the United States'

14 de marzo de 2008

March 14, 2008 (LPAC) -- Banker and Democratic Party fixer Felix Rohatyn is "guilty of something tantamount to high treason against the United States," Lyndon LaRouche told the world in a webcast broadcast from Washington, D.C. March 12.

"The man is guilty of a crime of implicit treason, by virtue of the intention, which he has expressed, and by virtue of the international forces which he's operating with, in the attempt to destroy the United States, by his program," LaRouche said. Presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger are tools of Rohatyn's fascist and treasonous intent.

LaRouche cited Rohatyn's role in stepping in to sabotage LaRouche's attempt to save the American auto industry in 2004-2005, after the Congress had successfully defended Social Security. Rohatyn continues to sabotage any attempt by Congress to defend the general welfare in the midst of the greatest financial crisis in history, LaRouche charged.

"Felix Rohatyn is a thorough fascist, in the same sense that Adolf Hitler was a fascist, and the same sense that Mussolini, before Hitler, was a fascist," LaRouche said.

LaRouche described Rohatyn as part of those international forces, intent on imposing a new fascist empire on the world. The battle to defeat Rohatyn is thus a continuation of that which Franklin Roosevelt waged against Winston Churchill, in demanding a postwar world free of all empires, especially the British Empire. But Roosevelt died, and forces moved in to sabotage everything that he was committed to for the postwar United States.

Addressing the claim by Rohatyn, Schwarzenegger, and Bloomberg, that they are for building "infrastructure," LaRouche said: "You will never get any significant infrastructure program, in the United States, under the present system. Only with a change in the system will you get it. Anybody who says they're going to give you infrastructure, they're lying to you. And if you believe them, you're stupid. But that's Rohatyn's program: Take your street, put a ``poll tax'' on the street or something, and then collect taxes on it. You don't {buy} the street, you lease it. And the people pay to make the lessees happy! And the people are screwed. Some people call this an `infrastructure program.' It's a pocket-picking program!"

"And the {folly}, the {stupidity}, of Americans in the Senate, in the House of Representatives, being controlled by Felix Rohatyn and others like him: This is stupidity beyond belief! You get the impression, that there's not a single committee in the House of Representatives, which is able--even those who want to--who is able to get anything through, which resembles a defense of U.S. interests. The Congress now is hopelessly corrupt, under the influence of Pelosi, who's under the influence of Rohatyn, the fascist. And she either is a fascist herself--or probably too dumb to be one, but she is at least intelligent enough to be his puppet. And the minute anybody tries to do anything useful in this Congress, she steps in on behalf of Felix Rohatyn to stamp it out," LaRouche said.

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