LaRouche Youth Movement in Germany Provoking Shift Towards Nuclear Power

23 de abril de 2007

LaRouche Youth Movement in Germany Provoking Shift Towards Nuclear Power

April 23 (EIRNS)--The LaRouche Youth Movement in Germany escalated its campaign for Germany to go nuclear by deploying in Berlin with pickets pointing to the irony that "developing" nations like Venezuela and Morocco are developing nuclear power, or go in the case of Iran planning maglev projects, whereas the "developed" nation of Germany prefers staying in backwardness. Upon hearing that the city councils of Glasgow and Edinburgh have called for a maglev line between the two cities, the LYM began to organizing around the following polemic: If even the Scots can spend a penny on maglev, it shouldn't be too expensive for the Germans.

The polemics are intersecting real ferment in the country, in favor of reversing the green, anti-technology ideology which has dominated Germany. The ferment in favor of nuclear power is indicated by three new, and rather prominent, developments:

The CEO of Allianz insurance company, Michael Diekmann, said in a statement on global warming this morning that he "cannot imagine that Germany would stay out of nuclear, if it wants to meet the climate protection criteria."

Germany's Economics Minister, Michael Glos, said in Hanover, at an event related to the industrial exhibit there, last week, that the next national election campaign in 2009, will have to take up the nuclear issue, so that the present paralysis in the country on this issue can be broken.

Furthermore, today's German edition of the Financial Times has an investment column with the headline: "With Nuclear Power against Global Warming," which recommends that investors buy uranium stocks, as the mineral of the future.