Will Al Gore's Trip to Argentina and Chile Be Cancelled?

26 de abril de 2007

Will Al Gore's Trip to Argentina and Chile Be Cancelled?

Hollywood heavyweight Al Gore and his quack ethanol project are in serious trouble in Ibero-America, in no small measure thanks to the aggressive campaign of the LaRouche Youth Movement (LYM) in the region to expose and ridicule him.

Typical was what the Mexico LYM did on the occasion of the April 24 visit to Mexico of Argentine First Lady and Senator, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, where they welcomed her as she arrived at the Mexican congress with a 2 x 4 foot banner, which read: "Congressmen, Stop Being Ethanol Drunkards and Learn from Argentina How to Use Nuclear Energy." Later that day, a feisty LYM squad attended an event at the Argentine embassy in Mexico City, where they sang to Mrs. Kirchner and many others:

Bravo, Kirchner, for kicking the ass Of the financiers with the Bank of the South. That's why they fear you, Don't be intimidated. Mrs. Penguin*, tell our spurious president That the new politics is not financial, But the New Bretton Woods of LaRouche. ("Penguin" is Argentine President Nestor Kirchner's nickname.)

Mrs. Kirchner laughed in great amusement at the intervention.

Five days earlier, the Colombian LYM had similarly greeted Chilean President Michelle Bachelet at an event where she and Colombian President Alvaro Uribe spoke before 500 members of the country's diplomatic and political elite. Four LYM members provided an unexpected interlude between the two presidents' speeches, consisting of songs and banners, which included the following message: "LaRouche Says: Stop the Fraud of Global Warming. Al Gore Is a Fascist. Promoting Ethanol Is Genocide. Al Gore is Going to Chile to Revive the Fascism of Pinochet. Bachelet and Uribe: Yes to the Bank of the South, No to the IMF."

Gore is currently scheduled to go to both Chile and Argentine on May 11, to speak at conferences on global warming in each of those countries. But there are reports that he will be forced to cancel his appearances there, as he did at a similar conference in Miami in mid April--arguing, implausibly, that he felt uncomfortable about being in the presence of another scheduled speaker, Colombian President Alvaro Uribe.