Tenet Slams Cheney for Lying About "Slam Dunk" Remark

27 de abril de 2007

<body><div id="article"><tr><td height="28" valign="middle" width="184"></td><td valign="middle" width="185"></td></tr><h1 class="topmargin">Tenet Slams Cheney for Lying About "Slam Dunk" Remark!</h1><p>April 27 (EIRNS)--In his long-awaited book, former CIA Director George Tenet blasts Vice President Dick Cheney and other Bush Administration officials for misusing his famous "slam dunk" comment and for pushing the country into war with Iraq without ever conducting a serious debate.</p><div class="right_image"><img src="/files/pictures/2e6368fe3ca2a4fef023f1875d4c3f84/original.jpg" /></div><p>Tenet says his "slam dunk" comment wasn't about Weapons of Mass Destruction, WMDs; it was about making an overall public case against Saddam Hussein. He says, it was well after the decision had been made for war. But, months after the invasion, when no WMDs were found, someone in the White House told Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward that Tenet had claimed that the case on Saddam's possession of WMDs was a "slam dunk."</p><p>Tenet says that the leak to Woodward made him a scapegoat for the war. "It's the most despicable thing that ever happened to me," Tenet says in the upcoming "60 Minutes" interview, portions of which have been made available by CBS. "You don't do this. You don't throw somebody overboard just because it's a deflection. Is that honorable? It's not honorable to me."</p><p>"And the hardest part of all this has been just listening to this for almost three years, listening to the Vice President go on 'Meet the Press' on the fifth year [anniversary] of 9/11 and say, 'Well, George Tenet said slam dunk' -- as if he needed me to say 'slam dunk' to go to war with Iraq," Tenet says.</p><p>"And you listen to that and they never let it go. I mean, I became the campaign talk. I was a talking point. Look at the idiot [who] told us and we decided to go to war. Well, let's not be so disingenuous. Let everybody just get up and tell the truth. Tell the American people what really happened."</p><p>Rep. Henry Waxman announced today that he will offer Tenet the chance to tell the American people just that, by inviting him to testify about the Niger/uranium claim on May 10 to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.</p></div></body>