Los Angeles County Democratic Party to Debate Climate Hoax

8 de abril de 2007

Los Angeles County Democratic Party to Debate Climate Hoax

April 9 (EIRNS)--The Los Angeles County Democratic Party Resolutions Committee voted April 2 to submit a LaRouche Youth Movement resolution on climate change to the Los Angeles County Democratic Party for discussion this Tuesday, April 10. Three speakers will present a case for, and three against, global warming.

Quincy O'Neal, an elected delegate and LYM organizer, submitted the resolution to the Committee on behalf of the Franklin Roosevelt Legacy Democratic Club. The concluding paragraph stated, "Therefore, be it further resolved, that the California Democratic Party rejects the policy recommendations of Al Gore as disastrous to human existence, rejects the [Inter-governmental Panel of Climate Change's] argument that human industrially derived CO2 emissions are a main driver of climate change as scientifically fraudulent, and reaffirms its commitment to the "New Deal" principles of Franklin D. Roosevelt, specifically the issuance of protected national credit to stimulate research and development within the agro-industrial sector, such as nuclear fusion, maglev transit systems, water desalination, and universal medical coverage, all as part of a solution to domestic and international economic injustices."

The full resolution can be found at the following site:

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