Oberstar and DeFazio Take Aim at Rohatyn's PPPs

15 de may de 2007

<body><div id="article"><tr><td height="28" valign="middle" width="184"></td><td valign="middle" width="185"></td></tr><h1>Oberstar and DeFazio Take Aim at Rohatyn's PPPs</h1><p>Washington, D.C., May 15 (EIRNS)--Again taking aim at Wall Street and London directed assaults on America's infrastructure, and the Bush administration, Rep. James Oberstar (D-MN) along with Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR) sent a letter on May 14 to all 50 governors, state legislatures, and state transportation officials warning them against entering into public-private partnership (PPP) financing agreements to build infrastructure. On May 2 Oberstar, chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, acted for humanity by introducing a bill to partially re-regulate U.S. railroads, as he denounced the 30-year failure of deregulation.</p><p>The Oberstar-DeFazio warning argues that PPPs "undermine the integrity of a national system and do not protect the public interest," as segments are sold off. The warning is direct: "We write to strongly discourage you from entering into public-private partnership agreements that are not in the long-term public interest in a safe, integrated national transportation system. Although Bush administration officials have lauded PPPs at every turn, the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure of the U.S. House of Representatives believes" many of the PPP agreements "do not adequately protect the public interest." They emphasize that the Committee "will work to undo any state PPP agreements that do not fully protect the public interest and integrity of the national system."</p></div></body>