LaRouche Youth Movement Explodes Global Warming Debate in Australia

24 de may de 2007

<body><div id="article"><tr><td height="28" valign="middle" width="184"></td><td valign="middle" width="185"></td></tr><h1>LaRouche Youth Movement Explodes Global Warming Debate in Australia</h1><p>MELBOURNE, May 24 (LPAC)--Over the past 24 hours, a fierce debate over the "global warming" scam has publicly broken out in Australia. One of the country's largest papers, the Melbourne-based "Age," ran an hysterical, front-page article on May 24 which charged that the board of ABC TV had "pressured" the network to purchase British TV 4's "The Great Global Warming Swindle" documentary. ABC has just announced that it will air the show in July, and the Age devoted a second article to trying to discredit it. The same day, the country's most widely-listened to radio host lauded the TV 4 piece, and charged that there was no "scientific agreement" that global warming was real.</p><p>Under the headline, "Interference claim on ABC program," the Age quoted ABC "science journalist" Robyn Williams spluttering that to show the documentary was "verging on the irresponsible," since it was "demonstrably wrong." Williams, who had advised ABC TV not to buy the film, claimed that ABC TV director Kim Dalton had intimated that he had been pressured by his board to show it. Dalton denied any pressure from his board, and told the Age, "Global warming is up among the top two or three issues of public and political debate and there is no doubt that there is still opinion out there that questions that connection between global warming and CO2 emissions."</p><p>The same day, Alan Jones, the Sydney-based talk show host, charged that "the sun's radiation is a better explanation" of any "global warming," and lauded the Channel 4 program and its "impressive roll call of experts" for exposing the truth of the matter.</p><p>The brainwashing over "global warming" in Australia is perhaps more intense than anywhere in the world, with the Australian Labor Party making it the lead issue for the October federal elections (which they are heavily favored to win), and Al Gore traveling to Australia as his first international target after the U.S., to personally set up a corps of "global warming ambassadors" to show his quack slide show all over the country.</p><p>There was no substantive debate over the global warming fraud until the LYM intervened in the April 16-20 Fifth World Conference of Science Journalists in Melbourne, distributing to every delegate DVDs of the Ch. 4 documentary and a copy of the New Citizen newspaper carrying the banner headline, "Global Warming is a Fraud." The country's only national daily, Murdoch's "The Australian," on April 19 reported the LYM intervention, and that "word soon began to circulate that the push was on at the national broadcaster, with pressure on ABC television chief Kim Dalton to screen the film."</p></div></body>