2008 Is Too Late! Texas Democrats Must Back Impeachment Now!

24 de may de 2007

<body><div id="article"><tr><td height="28" valign="middle" width="184"></td><td valign="middle" width="185"></td></tr><h1>2008 Is Too Late! Texas Democrats Must Back Impeachment Now!</h1><h2>By: Lakesha Rogers, Former Candidate for Texas Democratic Party Chair and LaRouche Youth Movement Leader</h2><p>Dear Fellow Democrat,</p><p>Too many among you are about to make the same mistake we have made, repeatedly, over the last twenty years, in assuming that we will win the next election because the current batch of Republicans are so criminally irresponsible that no one will vote for them. This leads to the attitude that all we have to do is wait for the next election, and all will be fine.</p><p>Let's not go down this road. Our nation, and the world cannot wait until January 2009 to rid ourselves of the escalating damage done by Cheney and Bush. How many more soldiers must die, how many more jobs lost and factories outsourced and closed, how many elderly and poor must suffer and die, before we act to take our nation back? Forget waiting till 2009, even 2008 is too late!</p><p>Representative Dennis Kucinich introduced H.R. 333 in April, calling for articles of impeachment against Vice President Cheney for high crimes and misdemeanors. The charges are; (1) deceiving the people and Congress of the U.S. about alleged Iraqi WMD;(2) deceiving the people and Congress of the U.S. about an alleged relationship between Iraq and Al Qaeda; and (3) openly threatening aggression against the Republic of Iran, absent any real threat to the United States. The bill has been co-sponsored by four additional congressional Representatives. State and local governments throughout the nation have joined in the effort, with an upsurge of similar impeachment resolutions popping up all around the country. Recent developments have include a resolution for double impeachment in the Detroit City Council, endorsement of H.R. 333 by the Louisiana Democratic Party, a clause for impeachment in a resolution passed in the California Democratic Convention, an impeachment resolution from the Vermont State Legislature. Driving these developments has been a massive groundswell of support for impeachment.</p><p>The victory of the Democratic Party in November 2006 was due to a rejection of Cheney and Bush, especially among younger voters. Youth are demanding a change in the political and economic direction of the nation. A new leadership is emerging among the ranks of voters of the young adult generation between the 18-35-age brackets, ready to act as a powerful force in the nation.</p><p>Democrats must respond to the growing demand from the youth of America to take leadership, and rid the country of the criminal mismanagement of the Cheney, Bush Presidency. I call upon the Texas Democratic Party to endorse the resolution of Representative Kucinich, for immediate impeachment and removal from office of Vice President Richard Cheney.</p></div></body>