LaRouche on Russian TV: "British Empire" Determined to have a war with Russia, China and India

25 de may de 2007

LaRouche on Russian TV: "British Empire" Determined to have a war with Russia, China and India

May 25 (LPAC)--The impact of Lyndon LaRouche's visit to Moscow last week is still being felt, with repeat broadcasts of LaRouche's, to the economist Mikhail Khazin, host of the "A+ in Economics" weekly program on the Spas Channel, a satellite TV station linked with the Russian Orthodox Church. The interview first aired on Friday, May 18, and was repeated several times.

With "showdowns" looming between the Anglo-American-Euro bloc at the United Nations and Russia and China over Iran, and possibly over Kosovo, LaRouche identified the real war danger as coming from the British Empire--as he has described it--targeting Russia, China and India. LaRouche said:

"Europe does not function right now. All Europe west of Russia/Belarus, is in a state of ungovernability. As an American, I can say this. I wouldn't put my opinion on the Russians, but as an American, I can tell the truth about this. I wouldn't ask you to adopt this policy publicly. I take advantage of my freedom to tell the truth.

"The British Empire, as I have described it, is determined to have a war with Russia, China, and India. Since the agreements, the Maastricht agreements, and now with the French elections, all of continental Europe west of Russia/Belarus, is nonfunctional. What has been going on in Southwest Asia is the lever for a conflict with Russia, China, and India.

"You see, because if you take Russia, China, and India, combined with certain forces in South America, it's the only part of the world that's not kissing the feet of globalization. To establish the new kind of empire intended, they must therefore destroy the sense of sovereignty in Russia, China, and India. Together with my friends, who are an important part of the United States system.

"Therefore if Russia, under President Putin, can succeed in finding a response, in connection with key institutions within the United States, it will become possible to turn the objective reality of the situation, into an understanding of common policy.

"You need a response from the United States for what President Putin, and other people in Russia today, have said about the Roosevelt tradition. We have to go back to the global philosophy which existed before the death of Franklin Roosevelt. Conditions are different, but the policy should be the same. It should be traveled on the same road, or to the same destination by a slightly different road.

"Which comes back to my answer to your original question: If you have an understanding of this, between U.S. circles and Russian circles, drawing in China and India into the discussion, and other nations.... But to take the territory of the former Soviet Union, the territory of Russia today, China and India, what percentage of the world territory and population is that? What are the vast mineral resources existing in Siberia, which Russian scientists have in their archives, knowledge of how to approach this? You would have a fundamental change in the world system, based on a science-driven policy .

" The British know this. They are determined to prevent this from ever happening. They're prepared to destroy the world.

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