New Eurasian Airfreight Hub Being Built in Germany, by a Chinese Firm

25 de may de 2007

<body><div id="article"><tr><td height="28" valign="middle" width="184"></td><td valign="middle" width="185"></td></tr><h1>New Eurasian Airfreight Hub Being Built in Germany, by a Chinese Firm</h1><p>May 25 (LPAC) - The Chinese logistics firm, Link-Global, purchased the former Soviet-era airfield in Parchim, about 100 kilometers west of Berlin, to invest $100 million there in a special airport for airfreight between Asia and Europe. The managers of the firm believe that airfreight on that Eurasian route does have a future - thereby corroborating the position of the LaRouche-associated BueSo Party candidate for Berlin Mayor in September 2006, who proposed during his campaign that Sperenberg, another Soviet-era airfield south of Berlin, be turned into a hub for airfreight between Asia and Europe. The Chinese also want to build several production sites in the region, creating some 1,000 new jobs altogether.</p><p>The choice of Parchim, a really huge airfield, is interesting also because in former years, it was pointed to by supporters of a Berlin-Hamburg maglev route, for serving as an international airport with direct maglev links to Hamburg and Berlin. As discussed about 10 or 12 years ago, the main maglev route Hamburg-Berlin would have had two loops, one in the south going to Perleberg, and the other one in the north to Parchim. That, however, was profoundly sabotaged by the German authorities, which to this day have been disinterested in any such designs.</p><p>The irony is that because of the anti-industrial Green ideology which so dominates Germany, Germany has not built a maglev train in Germany, but only in China. And now a Chinese firm is needed to build a new Eurasian airfreight in Germany, which the German authorities had refused to do.</p></div></body>