Defend Westphalia

2 de junio de 2007

<body><div id="article"><tr><td height="23" valign="middle" width="184"></td><td valign="middle" width="185"></td></tr><h1>Defend Westphalia</h1><p> <strong>by Lyndon LaRouche, June 2, 2007</strong> </p><p>In the closing section of the final chapter of "," I focused attention on the crucial fact underlying the existential crisis of the U.S. and Europe today, is the fact, that the Baby Boomer culture which has dominated the reshaping of U.S. political life increasingly, and ever more brazenly, since early 1968, is essentially an echo of the same Sophistry which steered Athens into those war-crimes which led to the virtual self-destruction of Classical Greece in the Peloponnesian War. I emphasized that the essence of Baby Boomer politics is the same leading role of the notion of the triumph of the will of "our current consensus" as the form of brutish tyranny in the celebrated story, "The Lord of The Flies."</p><p>The current implications of that horde-like consensus of moral degeneracy, which currently dominates Trans- Atlantic political life, is the stubborn, lemming-like march to Hell called "globalization." The most notable feature of this recent and continuing exhibition of homicidal lunacy, has been the repeated use of lies by governments, lies told by governments in service of the intent to plunge civilization into long wars of the kind of the long wars which have plunged the U.S.A. itself into the follies of war in Indo-China, and, similarly, the careening to self-destruction in Southwest Asia wars by the virtual acting U.S. President, Dick Cheney.</p><p>In this connection, the fact is not hidden, that the intention of the maniacs promoting such warfare is to repeal the 1648 Treaty of Westphalia, to plunge the world back into a condition like that which bloodied the fields of Europe from Spain's brutish expulsion of the Jews in 1492, until Cardinal Mazarin's intervention brought an end to such warfare.</p><p>In short, Globalization is bestialization of mankind, and the Baby Boomer generation of North America and western and central Europe have been in love with this kind of virtual mass suicide of their nations since Britain's Thatcher and France's Mitterand used the occasion of the collapse of Soviet Power to unleash a process of virtual mass-suicide of the nations of western and central Europe, a process of intended world empire under the brazen, rapacious predators called the "hedge funds."</p><p>The change from the Treaty of Westphalia, is no mere change in a diplomatic scheme. The intention of today's political Lords of the Flies, in the U.S.A. and in western and central Europe, is the apparently uncontrollable impulse to plunge from the semblances of civilized life made possible by Westphalia, into Samuel P. Huntington's proposed use of religious warfare, once again, as a means of destruction of any civilized order which might resist the predatory tyranny, this time, of the kind of bandit-emperors typified by those predators known as hedge funds.</p><p>An ancient Athens which was polluted by Sophistry, like the consensus-dictatorship of formed among the ranks of our leading Baby Boomers today, lacked the morality needed to prevent its own destruction, by its own hands, in a lunatic long war. So, now, the typical Baby Boomer type presently engaged in defending Vice-President Dick Cheney from impeachment, is sending our United States itself toward Hell, a worse Hell, attained by a more morally corrupt impetus than brought about a ruined ancient Athens.</p></div></body>