Colombia's Narcoterrorists Now Murder and Torture for Biofuel!

5 de junio de 2007

Colombia's Narcoterrorists Now Murder and Torture for Biofuel!

June 5, 2007 (LPAC)--It's been the story in Colombia for three decades: hundreds of thousands of peasants being run off their land at gunpoint by armed gangs of horrific bestiality, to open the way for vast dope plantations. Now, according to an expose in the June 5, 2007 London Guardian , the same paramilitary bands are back, this time clearing "swathes of territory" of their inhabitants by murder and intimidation for palm oil, the latest international "hot commodity" in the biofuels racket. The Guardian's headline sums it up: "Massacres and Paramilitary Land Seizures Behind the Biofuel Revolution."

It's not surprising; it's just the lawful result of accepting a global financial system in which financial profits, MONEY, decides what grows, what is produced, who lives, who dies.

Colombia is already the second-biggest ethanol producer on the continent, after Brazil, and as Executive Intelligence Review reported in its March 30, 2007 issue ("Of Bushes and Ethanol Madness in Colombia"), President Alvaro Uribe proposes to open up six million hectares of territory in the depopulated Colombian Orinoquia region for cultivation for ethanol; more than the total land under cultivation (excluding pasture lands) in the country in 2005!

Challenged on April 20 at a public meeting by the LaRouche Youth Movement in Colombia to dump such insane plans and go for nuclear energy instead, President Uribe asked the LYM to "give me one good reason for opposing Colombia developing biofuels." Hear their answer for yourself, in this brief video on."