Lavrov Says Categorically, Iran Is No Threat

21 de junio de 2007

June 21 (LPAC)--Speaking in Tehran after the Caspian Sea meeting, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov stated: "We do not see any kind of threat from Iran." He went on: "Thus, we do not understand why in order to justify the installation of a US anti-ballistic missile system in Europe you have to bring up the pretext of a genuine Iranian threat." He added: "On many occasions we have mentioned professional opinions, expertise and analyses about the absence of such a threat," and pointed to Putin's Azerbaijan proposal. "If, on the American side, there is a suspicion of such a threat, then Putin offered that such a suspicion could easily be removed through the information collected through the radar station at Gabala," said Lavrov.

As Lavrov made these comments, the defense chiefs of Russia and Azerbaijan were meeting and confirmed their countries' readiness to host part of a US missile defense system at the radar station in Azerbaijan, the Interfax news agency reported.

A report by IRIB quoted Lavrov as stating outright that the US plans were targeting China and Russia: "It is a threat against Russia and China." He also said, in answer to a question about the Azeri proposal, "As President Putin mentioned during his meeting with the Azeri President, we feel absolutely no threat from Iran's side."

On the Azeri-Russian presidential talks, Lavrov said: "As they stated, the radars in Azerbaijan have been active for decades, and therefore, there is no need to put up an anti-missile site there." He said Russia was "preparing a proposal to be put forth during the upcoming Putin-Bush talks."