Mexican State Workers Warn Calderon, Congress: Ignore Us at Your Peril

21 de junio de 2007

June 21 (LPAC)--Agustin Rodriguez, the Secretary General of STUNAM, the trade union of employees of Mexico's National Autonomous University (UNAM), warned on June 18 that members of the union would begin to personally follow and monitor each member of Congress--500 Congressmen and 126 Senators--until legislators agree to abrogate the new ISSSTE law which privatizes social security for state-sector workers. Along with the National Educators Coordinator (CNTE) and the National Workers Union (UNT), among others, STUNAM charges that the new ISSSTE law, passed last March, is unconstitutional and should be overturned.

Rodriguez, who four days earlier had engaged in an international Internet dialogue with Lyndon LaRouche, was responding to the 14-page document Mexico's Labor Secretary Javier Lozano sent to the UNT on June 15, emphatically stating that the ISSSTE law "is not unconstitutional" and "is not reversible." On June 18, President Felipe Calderon refused to meet with a delegation representing thousands of teachers, trade unionists, and social organizations from several states who had marched from the downtown Zocalo Plaza in Mexico City to the Presidential residence at Los Pinos.

Calderon was apparently too tired from his long meeting the same day with former Spanish Premier, Francoite fascist Jose Maria Aznar, whose blatant intervention in Mexico on Calderon's behalf during the 2006 Presidential campaign is still a source of anger among Mexican patriots. The "spurious" President, as he is known to a majority of Mexicans, instead sent his "Citizen Affairs" director out to meet with the protesters for 10 minutes, to tell them, as he tried to push them away from the building and out onto the street, that the Presidency "isn't the proper venue to deal with this problem." A leader of the CNTE responded that the workers would then take their protest to the offices of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, since "that's where the real decisions are made, and not here [at Los Pinos] which only houses the agents of speculative capital."

Rodriguez has announced that all of the organizations opposed to the privatization will set up an indefinite encampment outside the Lower House of Congress, and is also calling for 24-, 48-, and 72-hour strikes, to consolidate a nationwide strike.