De Borchgrave Warns of "New Crazies" Out to Nuke Iran Now!

25 de junio de 2007

June 25 (LPAC)--Arnaud de Borchgrave, editor of the neocon Washington Times, reports that a neocon juggernaut is building for a nuclear strike on Iran, in long op-ed in Monday's edition, entitled "Guns of August?" He quotes International Atomic Energy Agency Mohamed el Baradei, that world peace is now at risk because of "new crazies" who say, "Let's go bomb Iran." De Borchgrave identifies "the latest 'bombs away' clarion call" as coming from "no less a neoconservative giant" than Norman Podhoretz in the June Commentary. In "The Case for Bombing Iran," Podhoretz pleads "I hope and pray President Bush will do it." De Borchgrave notes that Sen Joe Lieberman has also "added his powerful voice" of support.

It's an "open secret," he says, that Cheney does not believe diplomacy will work, and that Cheney's aide, after all, is David Wurmser, who wrote "Clean Break." He writes "The word among the neocon family is that Mr. Cheney believes Bush will stick to his pledge not to leave office in 16 months with Iran's nuclear facilities unscathed." De Borchgrave debunks Podhoretz's new book, "World War IV: the Long Struggle against Islamofascism," which says that we're back in 1938, only now appeasing Khamenei, who is far more dangerous than Hitler. He also notes that NewsMax Magazine has just put out a scenario piece by Kenneth R. Timmerman, provocatively entitled "The Coming War With With Iran: 6 Days in Hell." De Borchgrave recalls how quickly the Gulf of Tonkin incident, which could be easily recreated, led to a 10 year war, "and America's eventual defeat."

Although De Borchgrave didn't condemn Podhoretz for the nut-case that he is, [a:href="pages\/breaking_news\/2007\/05\/30\/larouche_podoretz_insane.asp"]Lyndon LaRouche did, a month ago, when his ravings were featured in the Wall Street Journal.[/a]