Putin Discusses Big Projects At Southeast Europe Energy Summit

25 de junio de 2007

June 25, 2007 (LPAC)– Russian President Vladimir Putin joined eight Balkans leaders from Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia and Montenegro, for a Southeast Europe energy summit in the Croatian capital Zagreb yesterday, for a discussion about cooperation projects in the development of oil, gas and nuclear power infrastructure.

In his speech at the plenary session, Putin urged the countries of Southeastern Europe to trust Russia as a reliable energy supplier, which already today supplies half of the 73 billion cubic meters of gas that it exports to Europe, to the Balkans states alone. Russian companies work already in Macedonia, Bulgaria and Serbia and plan to spread activities to other countries of region.

Besides transit of oil and gas trough pipelines going to Aegean and Adriatic Sea, Russia is interested in building underground gas storages in the countries of region, one of them in Eastern Croatia as outlined recently by Croatian president. Special attention was paid, in this context, to remarks by the Bulgarian President, who signaled his country's interest in joining the "South Stream" gas pipeline project.

The South Stream project is a joint venture just signed by Russia's Gazprom and Italy's ENI. This new pipeline running 900 kilometers underwater across the Black Sea will link up to the already existing "Blue Stream" pipeline between Russia and Turkey, and its construction could begin as early as in 2008, completion envisaged then for 2012.

Putin also voiced optimism about signing a contract this year on construction of a nuclear power plant in Bulgaria, as part of cooperation with the Balkan countries in the energy sector. In October 2006, Russia's nuclear equipment export monopoly Atomstroyexport won a tender to build a nuclear power plant in Belene in Bulgaria. This Balkan state wants to build a second nuclear power plant in Belene, 250 kilometers from the capital, Sofia, and to modernize the Kozloduy nuclear power plant in the north of the country. At the end of November 2006, Atomstroyexport and Bulgaria's National Electric Company signed a $5.3 billion deal that covers the first phase of the project, involving a detailed examination of facilities and the development of engineering design plans.

As LPAC has previously reported, citing Executive Intelligence Review, Russia's energy and development projects such as those identified above, have been targeted for destruction by the Anglo-Dutch-U.S. financier interests behind Dick Cheney's war policy. See article, [a:href="http:\/\/www.larouchepub.com\/other\/2007\/3424russia_vs_ring.html";target=_blank]Putin Moves To Outflank `Ring Around Russia' Provocations[/a] by Rachel Douglas in EIR magazine