Swiss Anti-terror Expert Says German Terror Warnings "Have to be Taken Seriously"

25 de junio de 2007

June 25, 2007 (LPAC)– A Swiss anti-terror expert told EIRNS in Europe today that warnings of a terror attack in Germany "have to be taken seriously." Briefed about the warnings issued by Germany's Deputy Interior Minister August Hanning, the Swiss expert said the reported terror threats are real, especially if seen against the background of an incident reported from Kabul, two weeks ago.

The Kabul incident involved intelligence collected about a planned terror attack on German Defense Minister Franz-Josef Jung during a trip to Kabul on June 6, reports EIRNS. Jung and his entourage were driven from the airport to the German army base in armored vehicles, also inside the base, apparently out of fear that the convoy would be shelled with grenades from a terrorist position outside, as has happened repeatedly during the past four years. What made anti-terror authorities worried was that the terror threats were spotted at a time when no unauthorized outside person should have known that Jung planned to visit Kabul on an unpublicized trip. The security breach may also point to a mole inside the German and other western agencies, noted the Swiss expert.