Fox News Covers EIR Interview with Nils Axel Morner

27 de junio de 2007

June 26, 2007 (LPAC)--The exclusive interview with Swedish sea level expert Nils Axel Morner given to Executive Intelligence Review was featured on Brit Hume's Special Report of June 25 in his Political Grapevine roundup. Hume's reporting on the interview focused on Morner's statements that no trend in sea level rises exists and that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change had faked the satellite data with a correction factor based on tide gauges. Hume further reported that this was done to secure funding for research and also Small Island Nations choose not to challenge the IPCC so they can get much needed funds from the developed nations of the world. Hume reported that it was EIR News Service that conducted the interview and during the whole report Hume posted quotes on the screen with a banner saying EIR News Service.

The EIR interview with Nils Axel Morner has been picked up and posted on several websites and has been the feature of a NewsBusters wire of June 25 with a link to the website. The interview was posted on the website of a former IPCC Co-Chair and Lead Author of the oceans and fisheries chapter for the last 5 IPCC reports. His website can be found at www. .

The interview has been posted on the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition website and it has also been posted on the Argentina Foundation for a Scientific Ecology website.