Impeach!: LYM Confronts Coward Dean

28 de junio de 2007

<body><div id="article"><p>June 28, 2007 (LPAC)--On June 26th, 2007 the largest district in the Washington State Democratic Party hosted none other than Howard Dean at a fund raising event in downtown Seattle. The turnout was a meager 100 people, and the four LaRouche Youth Movement members that attended comprised half of the entire youth presence there.</p><p>By the time Dean began his speech, a fifth of the audience had been engaged in dialogue and received the "LaRouche to Speaker Pelosi" leaflet. Dean primarily addressed the new Democratic 'Values' of fiscal responsibility, security and trust, and how to get youth more involved. As he approached the more valid issue of youth recruitment, and recounted the figures of youth involvement in the last election, he spoke with an air of accomplishment, advising the politically active people of the audience to encourage young people to step up and to listen to what we had to say; at which point a member of the LYM graciously accepted this as a cue to interject. "Dean, the youth elected the Democrats last November to get rid of Cheney, we want Impeachment!" Dean's deer-caught-in-headlights gaze spoke volumes for the fact he was undoubtedly wondering why the hell he'd just set the stage for the LYM. Immediately this half-bored placid crowd came alive, becoming immediately polarized. The response was factionalized, as part of the room fell to a sudden hush where the sound of pin falling could have been heard more loudly, and the other portion of the room half hooting and clapping at the sound of the ominous big "I word."</p><p>Dean, quick to smash the obviously growing tension in the room, said, "Well, I don't know about impeachment.." and quickly picked up where he had left off, making sure that it was clear he wasn't going to discuss anything. He stressed that the political process is a long one, to which the LYM member replied "It's been 7 years, Cheney won't change, the Democratic Leadership has got to change it's priorities and impeach this guy!" Once again, Dean stifled the challenge and immediately went on to talk about gay rights and abortion rights.</p><p>Upon returning to the subject of the youth, he asked the audience for their youthful impatience, so, appropriately enough, the LYM piped up again, "all right Dean, we will be impatient if we see some impatience in the Democrats to impeach Cheney!" After the speech, one the LYM organizers confronted Howard Dean briefly on impeachment, handed him the leaflet, and returned to the crowd that by this time had bee-lined to the two organizers who had spoken up during the speech.</p><p>To anybody with an ounce of moral conscience, it became obvious that it was the bold interventions of the LYM that brought what was already on every body's mind, impeachment, to the fore. Typical of this, were the responses from audience members who thanked the LYM for their efforts, and with a renewed sense of optimistic vigor, insisted that it wasn't just the youth that are committed to impeachment, they are, too!</p></div></body>