Is Fascist George Shultz Deploying his Guvernator as a "Shadow President?"

29 de junio de 2007

<body><div id="article">Is Fascist George Shultz Deploying his Guvernator as a "Shadow President?"<p>June 29, 2007 (LPAC)--A California Democratic Party consultant said that Schwarzenegger's flirtation with New York City Mayor Bloomberg, and his subsequent trip to Europe, where he met with French President Sarkozy and outgoing British Prime Minister Blair are part of an effort to push a fascist agenda at a moment when Cheney and Bush are in trouble and tied down with scandals.</p><p>During Bloomberg's trip to California, Schwarzenegger repeatedly praised him, saying he would make a "good President," emphasizing three things: that Bloomberg's resignation from the GOP makes him another national figure rejecting "partisanship," joining Arnie as a "post-partisan" leader; secondly, Bloomberg's nutty global warming agenda for New York City was hailed by Arnie as a model, "just like what we are doing in California," he said; third, he and Bloomberg discussed expanding the role on the private sector in handling what has been considered the responsibility of government, in finances and infrastructure. This is the agenda promoted by the leaders of the anti-FDR faction above the Republican and Democratic Parties, pushed by fascists George Shultz and Felix Rohatyn, whose previous partnership put Synarchist international asset Gen. Pinochet in power in Chile in 1973.</p><p>These were the same themes the failed actor had on his agenda for his brief trip to Europe. In France, he praised Sarkozy for "reaching out to other parties and groups," as a "post-partisan" leader, and for his plans to innovate in France, to move beyond "over-reliance on government." In Britain, Schwarzenegger was the last foreign official to meet with Blair, and the two spoke of how to move the U.S. into concert with Great Britain in adopting measures to "combat global warming."</p><p>When briefed on the BAE scandal and LaRouche's leadership in the campaign to impeach Cheney, the source said that Cheney is indeed in trouble, and that there is enormous pressure on Speaker Nancy Pelosi from the California Congressional delegation to put impeachment on the table. With Bush and Cheney under siege, he said that Schwarzenegger has taken the initiative to push through what they have been unable to do.</p></div></body>