Head of Italian Foreign Affairs Committee: Israel Should Give the Golan Heights Back to Syria

29 de junio de 2007

<body><div id="article"><p>June 28, 2007 (LPAC)--Lamberto Dini, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Italian Parliament and a former Prime minister of Italy, met Syrian President Bashar Assad and other authorities in Damascus. In an interview with <em>Corriere della Sera</em> , Dini said that more and more youth in Syria join Islamic fundamentalism because they see no peace perspective for their country. This could change if "Israel decides to start political negotiations to give back the Golan Heights. After forty years of occupation, Israel has undertaken no peace initiative. It is not clear what is the use of that occupation today. It surely does not provide defense. Syria is absolutely not in a condition to attack Israel. It does not have weapons able to threaten a nuclear power such as Israel."</p><p>In Lebanon, Dini said, "my impression is that the same story is being repeated in Lebanon... the consequences of which could damage everyone". Asked whether he sees Syrian responsibility for the Lebanese crisis, Dini said: "There was the suspicion that weapons would come from Syria to Lebanon. To avoid that, Damascus has closed the passes, leaving only one open. This creates a serious economic damage, a reduction of trade, but Syria, a country already maintaining 1.5 million refugees from Iraq caused by the American invasion, has accepted even this sacrifice. If we then refer to the Hariri murder, what advantages could Syria have from that? The murder could have been planned by some who wanted chaos, dumping the responsibility on Syria."</p><p>Dini also denied that Damascus supplies Hezbollah with weapons.</p></div></body>