Pelosi Leadership Settles for Merely Sending Cheney a Message

29 de junio de 2007

<body><div id="article"><p>June 29, 2007 (LPAC)--The House Democratic Leadership appears to have chosen to send "a shot across the bow" message, rather than land a knock-out punch, to Vice President Dick Cheney with an engineered 217-209 "defeat" of Rep. Rahm Emanuel's (D-IL) amendment to "defund" Vice-President Cheney's office. The Democrats clearly either had the votes, or could have mobilized five more votes, to actually cut off Cheney's "Executive Branch" funds, in response to his arrogant assertion that the Vice-President is not part of the Executive Branch, when it comes to following rules for handling classified information promulgated by the President himself!</p><p>Emanuel's amendment to defund Cheney would have passed if five Democrats had voted for, rather than against it. A total of 24 Democrats voted against it, while two Republicans, Reps. Ron Paul (TX) and Walter Jones (NC), voted with the Democrats to defund Cheney. The Democrats were ahead as the roll call vote which Emanuel had demanded neared its end last night. A veteran Capitol Hill source told <em>EIR</em> that the "no" votes came from the last group to vote, with Pelosi apparently signaling for some in the Party leadership to vote no, so that the blow against Cheney would not actually be struck.</p><p>In that way, the Pelosi and Rahm Emanuel (Chair of the House Democratic Caucus) leadership seem to have carried out their plan to show the Republicans the Democrats had the votes--without using them for the purpose for which the voters gave the Democrats a control of Congress in November. For example,voted <em>against</em> defunding Cheney's office, along with the leading opponent of the Iraq War, Rep. John Murtha (D-PA), and other anti-war Democrats such as Reps. Marcy Kaptur (OH) and Rep. Michael Capuano (MA). Other Democrats who voted against defunding of Cheney's office were Reps. Bean (IL); Boyd (FL); Cuellar (TX); Edwards (TX); Ellsworth (IN); Gordon (TN); Herseth (ND); Klein (FL); Lampson (TX); Peterson (MN); Ross (AR); Salazar (CL); Sestak (PA); Skelton (MO); Smith (WA); Snyder (AR); Space (OH); and Tanner (TN).</p></div></body>