LaRouche Youth Announce Election Campaigns in Australia

2 de julio de 2007

<body><div id="article"><p>July 2, 2007 (LPAC) -- The following "Mission Statement" was issued on Monday, July 2 by ten members of the LaRouche Youth Movement in Australia, to announce their campaigns for the Federal Parliament in an election expected for October of this year. Kelly-ann Paull and Rachel Affleck head the Senate ticket from the state of Victoria, while the following are Victorian candidates for the House: Will Larner (for the seat of Lalor), Doug Mitchell (Aston), Lars Thrystrup (Chisholm), Katherine Isherwood (Higgins), Andrew Reed (Melbourne), Aaron Isherwood (Melbourne Ports). Khoa Nguyen (Banks), and Kundan Misra (North Sydney) are House candidates in the state of New South Wales.</p><p>This LYM slate, the first ever for Australia, intends to bring the "New Politics" inaugurated by the LYM in the U.S., to Australia. The LYM Australia has already forced a real debate on "Global Warming" in the country, including the showing of the Great Global Warming Swindle on ABC television on July 12.</p><p>Their announcement was featured in the 300,000 copies of the July/August New Citizen newspaper released on July 2, under the headline "BAE Scandal Rocks British Empire", and in 50,000 emails the same day.</p><h2>MISSION STATEMENT</h2><p> <em>By: Rachel Affleck with contributions by Kelly-ann Paull, and endorsed by the LYM Federal Election candidates.</em> </p><p>The role of Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr. and the International LaRouche Youth Movement in bringing down the Cheney/Bush Administration is imperative for the necessary steps to be taken to save mankind from the current economic and cultural collapse within the present, post-industrial system. The only thing that is going to save the world from a 14th Century-style New Dark Age is a cooperative effort among four key nations: The U.S., Russia, China and India. The role of these nations is to initiate a process which other nations will join to secure a New World Economic Order in which Sovereign Nations States shall co-exist, each working for the benefit of the other.</p><p>The drumbeat globally for Cheney’s impeachment must be accompanied by a resumed sense of optimism. Ridding the U.S. of Dick as the American tool of the British Empire, will enable the U.S. to use its innate powers, laid out in the Preamble to its Constitution and in the works of Alexander Hamilton, to put the bankrupt financial system into government receivership, to protect the general welfare. This type of paradigmatic shift in the identity of the American population, as was before mobilized under the leadership of President Franklin Roosevelt, would see great partners in the nations of Russia, China and India, who, unlike their European counterparts, are responding to this crisis by calling for massive investment in co-operative development between their neighbors, including investment in great infrastructure projects such as Russia’s proposal for the Bering Strait tunnel, which has the potential to become a global trade route through the Americas, across Eurasia and eventually down to Africa.</p><p>Within this Four Power alliance, Australia has a mission, if the people of Australia choose to accept it: Australia can play a key role in developing the regions to the north of our great land that are suffering from a 70-80% poverty rate. LaRouche’s Four Power bloc weaves the threads for an intricate tapestry of global development of sovereign nation states. These four nations cannot develop alone in this world of many cultures, but will anchor and also depend upon the survival and development of the nations of Asia and Africa. Australia can play a crucial role in Asia, in particular, if we mobilize our vast land and resources to mass produce the food and raw materials which Asian nations urgently require, along with clean water. For this we must revitalize our own collapsed agro-industrial base. Our responsibility to our northern neighbors is implicit in our existence; this is the role we have to play in the fight for the future existence of mankind.</p><p> <em>"We must give Australia a purpose for existence, a cultural purpose for existence, in terms of the entirety of the Western Pacific and Indian Ocean Basin. Australia must make itself indispensable to the peoples of this region; and it can best do that by resolving to abandon the demontage, the destruction of its industrial and agricultural potential, the destruction of its scientific potential ... and become an outpost of the very best which the Americas and European tradition have had to offer, to the benefit of all the peoples of this region, so that all of the peoples of this region will know that the continent of Australia and the nation of Australia, is a beacon of benefit to them all, which they will treasure, as they would treasure any benefit of that sort."</em> -- Lyndon LaRouche to the 1993 CEC National Conference in Melbourne.</p><p>At present we are a nation so rich with potential, yet a people kept so small by the suppression of the unique republican identity within our own national history, typified by J.D. Lang, King O’Malley and John Curtin. It is the rekindling of these European Platonic and also Confucian Asiatic cultural roots within our great nation, that will give Australians the courage to break from neo-colonialism and to recognize the paradox implicit in our nation’s existence: we are a nation with an immense potential, we are home to many language-cultures and can play a great mediating role within Eurasia as a whole, yet we are a very small people controlled from afar by the modern-day Zeus, the British Empire, and our population is poisoned by Dionysian irrationalism, fear of science and development, and fear of that which is truly human -- anti-entropic development! Such a beacon of hope to the many peoples of the world we could be in this great land of ours, yet we are not sovereign, because we are not permitted to be by Her Majesty, and because we accept that role.</p><p>It is time for the Australian to fight for his Nation, to fight for her potential. With great potential comes immense responsibility. As a nation, through the employment of technologies such as nuclear fission, we have an ability to help ensure the survival and future modernization of the majority of humanity now in destitute poverty. If we as people do not to live up to our humane responsibilities, the we as a people lack the moral fitness to survive.</p><p>Henceforth, the Australian LaRouche Youth Movement are dedicated to creating a nuclear renaissance, and to nationalizing and utilizing Australia’s resources in the tradition of Prometheus, to end our scientific and cultural drought. Let’s give Australia an identity, and become a "beacon of hope" for the peoples of Asia and Africa. It will be through developing a culture dedicated to the "promotion of Arts and Science", in the words of the great philosopher and scientist Gottfried Leibniz, that we can discover "upon what hooks the stars hang to hold up the fabric of the skies", can discover the universal physical principles that can lead mankind to an Age of Reason. Now that is an Australia to be proud of!</p><p>The role of the youth generation is essential to make any sort of change. It is not going to come from the Baby Boomer generation, because they are too busy "on the Beach" (as in the hysterically anti-nuclear book and film of that name), "praying for rain", rather than using their God-given ability to make cognitive discoveries about the universe, and to apply them to the enhancement of mankind’s ability to exist.</p></div></body>