Schleswig-Holstein Industrialists Endorse Fehmarn Bridge

2 de julio de 2007

<body><div id="article"><p>July 2, 2007 (LPAC)--The Schleswig-Holstein Chambers of Industry endorsed the Fehmarn Belt Bridge as "important European infrastructure project." In a joint statement, the three chambers of Kiel, Luebeck and Flensburg in Germany's northern-most state, which borders Denmark, welcomed the German-Danish agreement on the Fehmarn Belt Bridge. "A bridge across the Fehmarn Belt, with four lanes and two rail tracks, will have positive effects for all of Northern Europe," the statement says, mentioning as a breakthrough that "prejudices in Berlin against the project were able to be overcome."</p><p>"The bridge is a project of European importance, and it is certain to generate a positive impact on the entire area of the southern Baltic and beyond. The positive impact will radiate deep into Central Europe," the chambers' statement says, adding that it is indispensable to add other infrastructure development on the German side to utilize the bridge's full potential. These include the extension westward of the A-20 highway, as well as the extension of the A-7 highway, and the electrification of the Hamburg-Luebeck rail route. These projects have to be put in the larger perspective of the "axis of growth Hamburg-Luebeck-Copenhagen-Malmoe," the chambers say.</p></div></body>