Chicago Boys' Bloody Hand Behind Cheney Campus Gestapo (HTML)

15 de octubre de 2006

<body><p align="center" class="articleTitle">Chicago Boys' Bloody Hand Behind Cheney Campus Gestapo</p><p class="articleText">(Reprinted with permission of <em>Executive Intelligence Review</em> )</p><p class="articleText">by Anton Chaitkin</p><p class="articleText">Strategists for a Nazi takeover of America's colleges met at the Harvard Faculty Club on Oct. 6. The American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA), Mrs. Lynne Cheney's own squad, convened to plan the next step in their attempt to crush campus opposition to the Bush-Cheney regime.*</p><p class="articleText">As this report will show, Lynne Cheney's ACTA strategists are a gang bred at the University of Chicago around Leo Strauss, a project far deadlier than the street-variety Mafia killers that blackened Chicago's reputation.</p><p class="h4nocolor">The War Is On</p><p class="articleText">The Harvard ACTA event occurred just as <em>EIR</em> was assembling its Oct. 13 special issue, headlined "John Train's Press Sewer: Is Goebbels on Your Campus?" <em>EIR</em> x-rayed the wildly anti-constitutional unified apparatus of government, private financiers, and rightist publishing units with ACTA, the David Horowitz/Daniel Pipes "Campus Watch," and other fronts.</p><p class="articleText">This single apparatus is pushing for Federal and state laws for witch-hunts against dissident teachers, circulating lists of teachers to be purged, seeking to impose universally a fascist "core curriculum," and putting out campus newspapers promoting war and police-state policies.</p><p class="articleText">The Harvard session was unsettled by members of the LaRouche Youth Movement, who skewered participants with questions, and flooded the hall with literature exposing John Train and the financier sponsors of the gathering. A young organizer asked George Washington University President Joel Trachtenberg, how Campus Watch would try to prevent teachers and students from working to defeat the Cheneyacs in next month's national elections. Trachtenberg and other participants responded with the big lie: We seek only to protect students from the intrusion of teachers' politics into their otherwise neutral education. But the Cheney-Train-Horowitz initiative actually means that only supporters of the Bush-Cheney lunacies are to be allowed on campuses.</p><p class="articleText">The LaRouche movement is accelerating the battle to break up the would-be campus Gestapo. A LaRouche Political Action Committee pamphlet, "Is Joseph Goebbels On Your Campus?", with cover photos of Mrs. Cheney, banker-spook John Train, Adolf Hitler, and Hitler's propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels, is pouring out onto the leading campuses that are contested in this fight.</p><p class="articleText">When the <em>EIR</em> Oct. 13 issue first appeared on the website, before the issue was even printed, the apparatus reacted with rage and bravado. Candace de Russy, a Lynne Cheney insider and ACTA leader, active in far-right covert operations, posted an article Oct. 10 in William F. Buckley's <em>National Review</em> online:</p><p class="articleText">" 'Who's Who in the Goebbels Zoo': Anton Chaitkin, writing in the <em>Executive Intelligence Review</em> (published and edited by right-wing [sic—see below] populist-extremist Lyndon LaRouche, Jr. accuses me (and [ACTA president] Anne Neal, and many other of our fellow higher-education reformers) of 'attempting to impose a Gestapo over American education that would wipe out resistance' and of being part of 'a political dirty-tricks cartel, centered on the Vice President's wife, Lynne Cheney, and Wall Street operative John Train.</p><p class="articleText">"This is yet another insane conspiracy theory, and I for one am proud to have made this Who's Who list of intrepid reformers."</p><p class="articleText">The next day, Oct. 11, Ms. de Russy fulminated again in <em>National Review</em> :</p><p class="articleText">"My longtime comrade-in-arms Winfield Myers, Campus Watch Director, sends a note about the invidious influence of Lyndon LaRouche on young people. One of LaRouche's writers targeted la creme de la creme of higher education reformers, as I noted in an earlier post. This is a hilariously demented essay that, to boot, is so filled with factual error it'll make your head spin. Both of us, and many of those in our circles, are attacked, and I take some pride in being mentioned twice, so nefarious are my works...."</p><p class="articleText">She concludes with a not-too-subtle threat against LaRouche: The disruptive "campus-left" [sic—see above] LaRouche Youth Movement are "more to be pitied than eviscerated. Not so the old man, however."</p><p class="articleText">This Candace de Russy is "Big Sister" Lynne Cheney's cohort at every phase of the Gestapo project.</p><p class="articleText">Ms. de Russy is a member of the neo-conservative council for global war, the Committee on the Present Danger, under the chairmanship of <em>George P. Shultz</em> , the "Chicago Boys" planner of the Bush-Cheney Administration, and of the earlier Chilean fascism on which the present U.S. regime is modelled. De Russy is a director of the Leo Strauss-following "National Association of Scholars; a director of Lynne Cheney's "Independent Women's Forum"; a former board member of William F. Buckley's Intercollegiate Studies Institute, and a strategist of the Buckley-linked outright pro-fascist circles operating globally within the Catholic Church. And she is the former executive officer of the American Foundation for Resistance International, an arm of the James Jesus Angleton-Leo Cherne intelligence network doing far-right covert action in Eastern Europe, and in Latin America, in conjunction with Operation Condor (see below). Serving Lynne Cheney's campus inquisition, Candace de Russy is a trustee of the State University of New York, personally at war with dissident teachers.</p><p class="h4nocolor">Chicago Core of Fascism in America</p><p class="articleText">ACTA literature intercepted at the Harvard strategy meeting has afforded the <em>EIR</em> research team a deeper glimpse into the history of the present campus-Gestapo apparatus, and of the gang driving fascist politics in recent decades. This mess was brewed by an international nazi crew at the University of Chicago, principally the followers of Leo Strauss, assembled by the university's President Robert M. Hutchins during the Hitler years and after World War II.</p><p class="articleText">ACTA demands a Core Curriculum be imposed on American colleges, which Lynne Cheney drew up in 1989 when she was chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities. This Cheney curriculum is entirely the Leo Strauss/Hutchins totalitarian model: a proposed overthrow of the ideals of the American Revolution, based on Strauss's lie that from the time of Plato, an atheist oligarchy has ruled and must rule ignorant mankind with a pretense of morality. (See "The 'Ignoble Liars' Behind Bush's Deadly Iraq War," <em>EIR</em> , April 18, 2003.)</p><p class="articleText">Indeed, every element of the Cheney-Horowitz apparatus now seeking to intimidate the campuses derives from this horror show at the University of Chicago. Campus inquisitor David Horowitz, the still un-dead Bill Buckley, the Collegiate Network octopus of student newspapers, and the Cheney-ACTA leaders, are all cloned from the same beast.</p><p class="articleText">The catastrophic Leo Strauss, a Jewish rightist, emigrated from Germany on a Rockefeller Fellowship sponsored by Carl Schmitt, whose legal writings were used to justify Hitler's emergency decrees, and later the Bush-Cheney "unitary executive" dogma.</p><p class="articleText">At the University of Chicago, beginning in the late 1930s, an elite student circle, the future "neo-conservatives," gathered around Strauss and his <em>Committee on Social Thought</em> ; meanwhile, university president Hutchins managed the day-to-day operations of the America First Committee, clashing with President Franklin Roosevelt's anti-Hitler mobilization. Hutchins and his collaborators <em>Henry Regnery</em> and pro-Nazi editor Felix Morley, founded the Regnery publishing company, which launched the post World War II "conservative" movement by publishing and sponsoring the works of William F. Buckley and the John Birch Society. And Hutchins hosted the Frederick von Hayek and Milton Friedman grouping, that became known as the "Chicago school of economics," later headed up by George P. Shultz—driving for a globalist world empire. All this, from "liberal" Hutchins, the main U.S. action partner of Britain's Lord Bertrand Russell.</p><p class="articleText">In 1979, the <em>John M. Olin Foundation</em> (spending the fortune of arms manufacturer John M. Olin) set up the Institute for Educational Affairs, to spread Leo Strauss's fascist policies and to get his disciples into top college posts. This Institute spun off the <em>Philanthropy Roundtable</em> ; and with the Institute's manager <em>Michael Joyce</em> , redeployed to take over the <em>Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation</em> . This group, for a quarter century, guided all foundation funding for right-wing initiatives to crush the poor and install a theocracy and police state. They sponsored John Train's Northcote Parkinson Fund; they launched the David Horowitz Freedom Center (under the previous name, Center for the Study of Popular Culture). And Michael Joyce's Olin and Bradley Foundations put up most of the cash to bankroll Lynne Cheney's ACTA.</p><p class="articleText">The Chicago gang's Michael Joyce used funding from his Olin and Bradley foundations to orchestrate a revival of Carl Schmitt's Hitler doctrine, reborn as Cheney's "unitary executive," at American law schools and in the Federalist Society of Justices Antonin Scalia and Samuel Alito.</p><p class="articleText">The roster of ACTA leaders at the Oct. 6 Harvard meeting provides a startling view of political incest. Participants included:</p><p class="articleText"> <em>Peter Alcock</em> , former owner of United States Repeating Arms company, a commercial partner of the Olin company, which had owned Repeating Arms for 50 years.</p><p class="articleText"> <em>Hillel G. Fradkin</em> , senior fellow of the Hudson Institute, leading its work promoting war on Muslims, and leading founder of Israel's Shalem Center, which conduits money and Leo Strauss philosophy (through director Irving Kristol) into the rightist faction in Israeli politics.</p><p class="articleText">A former vice president of the Olin Foundation, Fradkin was a faculty member (1986-1998) of the Committee on Social Thought of University of Chicago, and simultaneously vice president of the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation under president Michael Joyce, and a member of the Council of the National Endowment for Humanities under its chairman Lynne Cheney.</p><p class="articleText"> <em>Frederic Fransen</em> , Director of Higher Education Programs at Philanthropy Roundtable received his PhD from the Committee on Social Thought at the University of Chicago.</p><p class="articleText"> <em>Adam Kissel</em> , Director of Faculty and Program Development for William F. Buckley's Intercollegiate Studies Institute's Miller Center, and received his MA from the Committee on Social Thought, where Kissel was student liaison to the Board of Trustees of the University of Chicago; a fellow of Hayek's Institute for Humane Studies, which awards the Felix Morley prize to young journalists in the Cheney-Train-Horowitz apparatus.</p><p class="articleText"> <em>Phyllis M. Krutsch</em> , regent emeritus of the University of Wisconsin, the state where Michael Joyce's Bradley Foundation first implemented the scheme to substitute welfare recipients' slave labor for higher-paid workers; received grant from the Bradley Foundation to study public university trusteeship.</p><p class="articleText"> <em>John MacGovern</em> , corporate and rightist think-tank staffer, campaign advisor for Donald Rumsfeld's campaign for the Presidency, 1987.</p><p class="articleText"> <em>Harvey Mansfield</em> , the leading Straussian sponsored by Michael Joyce, Mansfield was the Straussian partner of Irving Kristol and the personal mentor of Irving's son William, of Alan Keyes, and of <em>New Republic</em> editor Andrew Sullivan.</p><p class="articleText">It was Irving Kristol who, in 1975, had come into government as the guru who explained politics to Dick Cheney, then the deputy to White House Chief of Staff Donald Rumsfeld. University of Chicago Professor Robert Goldwin had brought Kristol and other Straussians into the Gerald Ford Administration, where Goldwin served as a Presidential aide and was known derisively as "Rumsfeld/Cheney's resident 'intellectual.' "</p><p class="articleText">Thus, the Kristol family's Harvey Mansfield was awarded ACTA's "Sidney Hook" prize at the Harvard meeting Oct. 6, since Irving Kristol and his wife Gertrude Himmelfarb were the personal gurus of ACTA Chairman Emeritus Lynne Cheney, as well as of her husband the Vice President.</p><p class="articleText"> <em>Catherine Merrill</em> , "Socrates Society" board member at the <em>Aspen Institute</em> , founded by University of Chicago president Robert M. Hutchins.</p><p class="articleText"> <em>Laurie Morrow</em> , a top leader of the Straussian National Association of Scholars, along with the Irving Kristol family; on her radio talk show, she hosted William F. Buckley, Lynne Cheney, Andy Card, and Michael Ledeen.</p><p class="articleText"> <em>Martin Peretz</em> , publisher of <em>New Republic</em> , the flagship neoconservative war-party magazine.</p><p class="articleText"> <em>James Pierson</em> , executive director since 1985, and trustee of the John M. Olin Foundation; former chairman of the Philanthropy Roundtable,</p><p class="articleText"> <em>Richard Pipes</em> , Angleton-Cherne faction of intelligence, father of Campus Watch founder Daniel Pipes.</p><p class="h4nocolor">The Horowitz Saga</p><p class="articleText">The last of the notable ACTA intriguers, from the Oct. 6 Harvard meeting, is <em>Dianne J. Sehler</em> , Director of Academic, International, and Cultural Programs at the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation. Ms. Sehler manages the Bradley Fellowship program, the Bradley Prizes, and grant making to journals of opinion and research institutes, such as the David Horowitz Freedom Center, home of the misnamed "Students for Academic Freedom." Bradley furnishes virtually the entire budget for Encounter Books, the publishing arm of the Horowitz Center, and Dianne Sehler is a member of the editorial board there.</p><p class="articleText">Encounter Books is run by Peter Collier, partner of David Horowitz on their joint road to fortune.</p><p class="articleText">When Horowitz left England and his work for Bertrand Russell (see <em>EIR</em> , Oct. 13), he began work for <em>Ramparts</em> magazine, which had previously exposed covert actions by the Dulles/Angleton crowd at the CIA. Horowitz and fellow <em>Ramparts</em> worker Collier soon took over the magazine, in a coup sponsored by Bertrand Russell's American partner, Robert M. Hutchins, who was then based in California. Peter Collier then co-authored with Horowitz their book on the Rockefeller family, written with family collaboration and family money, an assignment which turned Horowitz and Collier from leftists to fascists in the blink of an eye.</p><p class="articleText">The campus Gestapo apparatus now circulates the notorious <em>Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America</em> (see box), authored by David Horowitz, aiming for a purge of college teachers who oppose the Bush-Cheney policies. This Horowitz book was published in 2006 by Regnery Publishing, founded by Hutchins agent Henry Regnery and now run by his son Alfred Regnery—Henry was Chairman Emeritus and Alfred is a trustee of Buckley's Intercollegiate Studies Institute.</p><p class="articleText">The Intercollegiate Studies Institute, in turn, manages the <em>Collegiate Network</em> , which, under the name, Institute for Educational Affairs, was created by Irving Kristol, Michael Joyce, and the Olin Foundation to make war against the tradition of the American Revolution. Today, the Collegiate Network finances and guides about 90 campus newspapers of the right wing (see box). None of these are official university newspapers, but are dumped on the campuses from the Cheney-Buckley cartel, to help Horowitz, ACTA and the other fronts of this unified apparatus in their campaign of slander and intimidation.</p><p class="h4nocolor">All The Bodies Are Buried in Chicago</p><p class="articleText">The forces guiding the present U.S. regime, and the Cheney-Train thug apparatus targetting American campuses, had their first action test in the Sept. 11, 1973 coup and subsequent murderous dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet in Chile.</p><p class="articleText"> <em>Operation Condor</em> (1975-83) was the code name for the combination of the intelligence service and secret police of Chile's Pinochet, with the forces of other South American dictatorships. To efficiently hunt down and murder their common enemies, they were advised by German Nazi war criminals Klaus Barbie and Walter Rauff, who had been smuggled out of Europe by the Dulles/Angleton "Ratline" program.</p><p class="articleText">As Operation Condor got under way in 1975, the Chilean government arranged with the William F. Buckley family to make Buckley's agent Marvin Liebman the manager of the dictatorship's propaganda within the United States. Liebman's American-Chilean Council worked for some four years, as the bodies piled up in South America.</p><p class="articleText">Orlando Letelier, Chile's Ambassador to the United States, Foreign Minister and Defense Minister for the government of Salvador Allende, who was overthrown in the 1973 coup, went to the U.S. as a refugee.</p><p class="articleText">The Aug. 28, 1976 issue of the <em>Nation</em> magazine carried an article by Orlando Letelier, entitled "The Chicago Boys in Chile: Economic Freedom's Awful Toll." Letelier described in embarrassing, excruciating detail the unrestrained looting of Chile as directed personally by Milton Friedman and the team of economists at the University of Chicago. To allow this looting, the coup, and the resulting police state that killed thousands of dissidents, had been arranged from Washington, under then-Secretary of the Treasury George P. Shultz. From 1962 to 1968, Shultz had headed the Business School at the University of Chicago, while Leo Strauss and much of the original Hutchins fascist team was still at the University.</p><p class="articleText">On Sept. 21, 1976, less than a month after this article appeared, Orlando Letelier was blown up by a bomb detonated by Operation Condor agents operating in Washington with the connivance of the Central Intelligence Agency, then directed by George H.W. Bush, father of the current President.</p><p class="articleText">John Train's Northcote Parkinson Fund began working in 1987, under the umbrella of Lynne Cheney's chairmanship at the National Endowment for the Humanities. The Train group's first project, working with David Horowitz, was a witch-hunt against the Institute for Policy Studies, for which Orlando Letelier had been working when he was murdered. In 1988, this Train project resulted in the publication of <em>Covert Cadre: Inside the Institute for Policy Studies</em> , with an introduction written by David Horowitz himself; the book cited John Train's own research whitewashing the George H.W. Bush-led CIA in the Letelier assassination. Horowitz's Center for the Study of Popular Culture was set up that year, and both his and Train's organizations were sponsored by the Michael Joyce/Hillel Fradkin/University of Chicago team operating out of the Bradley Foundation.</p><p class="articleText">George Shultz, prime architect of Chilean fascism, had a new, deadlier project running by 1999: Shultz was designing a Presidency for the useful-idiot son of George H.W. Bush. That year, George W. Bush, then-Governor of Texas, made his first California speech as a Presidential candidate at the David Horowitz Center in Los Angeles.</p><p class="articleText">By 2000, George Shultz had god-fathered the Bush-Cheney Administration. He hand-picked the "Vulcans"—Shultz's protege Condi Rice and the team of initial George W. Bush tutors and managers, including Vice Presidential candidate Dick Cheney, and the Executive Branch cadres responsible for the Iraq War inferno.</p><p class="articleText">John Train glorified the Chile nightmare in a 2003 article entitled "No Apologies." Train wrote of the coup: "I was there. I saw these things. The U.S. government thought that it all looked very sinister indeed, and pitched in heavily with cash and propaganda, overt and covert, to halt the [Allende] rot." Train concluded with praise for the efficiency of the coup versus direct U.S. military intervention: "It's not something you boast about, but neither need we apologize. Things came out well." Things "came out well" indeed for John Train, as a director of the Genesis Chile Fund, Ltd. As of 2002, that Train entity was the largest foreign investment instrument in Chile, with loot coming from the national pension funds which the Pinochet dictatorship had stolen—"privatized"—from Chile's working population.</p><p class="articleText">This Train article was printed April 2003 in the <em>American Spectator</em> , a magazine which that year was sold by Train's Northcote Parkinson trustee George Gilder, to Regnery Publications, publisher of Buckley, Horowitz, et al. That same year, the Bush-Cheney Administration installed Train's paid agent Michael Pack as head of programming at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.</p><p class="articleText">George Shultz had been just as blunt. On Oct. 2, 2000, Shultz was interviewed by the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) series on globalization, "Commanding Heights: The Battle for the World Economy." Shultz cited the Chilean model as the basis for his creature, the Bush-Cheney regime, that would emerge from the dubious national elections the following month.</p><p class="articleText">Shultz told PBS: "Well, ... in Chile we had a regime ... which was governmentalizing the Chilean system, and the economic system was declining and in disarray.... [The] armed forces took over and no doubt did some unnecessarily brutal things in the process, but nevertheless they took over and I think didn't know quite what to do about the economy [In fact, Shultz and Henry Kissinger had fully briefed the coup leaders beforehand—ahc]. So there were in Chile some people who came to be called 'Chicago Boys,' they had studied economics at the University of Chicago. And when the cry went out 'What shall we do?' they raised their hands and said, 'We know what to do.' And so a Chicago School-like economy gradually evolved in Chile. It worked. They had the only decent economy in South America in the mid-80s and on [with mass unemployment and savage wage cuts—ahc]. Over time, I think it had its impact on the political system. We did see, in the end, a peaceful transition to a democracy and General Pinochet, to his credit, did allow that to happen."</p><p class="articleText">It is not "peaceful democracy" but the Pinochet model which the Cheney apparatus wants for the world, and to get it, they would silence free speech on campus. American patriots will not allow it.</p><p class="articleText">* About 65 ACTA Trustees met for the Oct. 6 "Athena Forum" on the official theme, "American Higher Education and What We Can Do About It."</p></body>